The Undelivered



Further to yesterday’s query concerning An Post employees  not handling Referendum Commission Marruage Referendum leaflets.

Lusepher writes:

Yes it’s true. The union [Communication Workers’ Union] are currently in a dispute over payments. The referendum leaflet is classed as publicity post, with a particular set payment per item. But, unlike normal publicity post, the postal operative is to ignore any “No Junk Mail” signs on doorways. From when, or even if, this gets resolved the booklets will be delivered over a 5 day period….

Yesterday: Ask A Broadsheet Reader

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7 thoughts on “The Undelivered

  1. Tibor

    Broadsheet should probably look for a statement from that union, rather than repeatedly publishing the contradictory statements made by various commenters.
    Even pretending to verify a story be appreciated.

  2. newsjustin

    Got mine at least a week ago.

    Interestingly, the document refers to the “Marriage Referendum” not the “Marriage Equality Referendum”.

  3. barton

    In today’s mail I got; a SpecSavers brochure, some kind of An Post flyer plugging their services and a misdirected Irish Water pack (my address, someone else’s name)
    No ref info yet.

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