‘Remembering Your Father And What He Stood For, I Need Answers’


bruceBruce Arnold

An open letter to An Taoiseach.

By veteran political journalist, constitutional law activist and uncompromising gender pedant Bruce ‘Bruuce!’ Arnold.

Dear Enda,

We have known each other for the whole of your political career, having first met after you succeeded your father in the by-election that resulted from his death…

…It has come to my attention that the Marriage Referendum, if carried, will serve to subvert directly the first of the Irish (Treaty of Lisbon) Protocols in relation to Article 41 (The Family) and Article 42 (Education).

As Leader of the Opposition, you witnessed the defeat of the referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in June, 2008 and it being subsequently carried in a second referendum in 2009, once certain protocols for Ireland were secured. These protocols became legally binding when, appended to the Croatian Accession Treaty, it became law on December 1, 2014.

It really is bewildering for me to see that once we adopt a protocol to protect the integrity of Article 41 and Article 42 of the our Constitution from being overridden by European law and the new wave of European genderless ideology, which utterly and falsely denies the differences between men and women, we then proceed within six months thereafter to try to change, radically and irreparably, our national understanding that marriage is based on gender difference.

Thereafter, we will insist that the falsehood of genderless ideology be taught to our children in schools.

Young children and young adults will become increasingly confused, when as boys and girls, young men and young women, they are told that there is no difference between the male and the female. If this Referendum is carried our young people will be told in schools that marriage, which is based on the dignity of the difference between a man and a woman, has no regard to this difference.

Can you not see how the false genderless ideology will underpin all of this in a way that leads to confusion? Great confusion will be done to our young people in realising their true identities and their God-given potential?

We need answers. Remembering your father and what he stood for, I need answers. – See more at: http://www.mercatornet.com/conjugality/view/irelands-same-sex-marriage-referendum-one-sided-reckless-and-divisive/16106#sthash.I8yUgmjh.dpuf

….We need answers. Remembering your father and what he stood for, I need answers.

Leave Henry out of this.

He fixed the road.

Full text here

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62 thoughts on “‘Remembering Your Father And What He Stood For, I Need Answers’

  1. scottser

    genderless ideology? who made that up? of course we’ll still have genders and gender roles, but what’s the harm in teaching kids that each is different, equal and deserving of dignity?

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      It appears so. Unfortunately.But not for long. Cosmically speaking of course.

  2. Zuppy International

    An hounorable point of view which will be met with ridicule and scorn by the narcissistic Broadsheet commentators who have no answers to his valid questions.

        1. Joe the Lion

          zuppy even Russell brand has thrown his hat in with labour. Are you so ideologically driven like the purest snow that you can not fathom the progressive movements in this country benefit all?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      He asks one question:
      “Can you not see how the false genderless ideology will underpin all of *this* in a way that leads to confusion?”


      Reason – The *this* in that piece is based on kids being brought up in a society where they are told people who are different are bad. The Catholic church taught us all that particular hateful and un-Christian view of others, as has done most religions. And in a proper secular society the dominant view will be tolerance and the religious doctrines won’t exist to torment kids to the same extent in the future…. so, he’s talking through his hole.

    2. ThePeoplesHero

      He brought God into it. God. He deserves nothing but derision, ridicule and disrespect for placing such a logical fallacy into what was an interesting legal perspective.

  3. Continuity Jay-Z

    I look forward to a future where I wear only a sexless, silver onesie.

  4. Grace

    One of the comments on the full text link reaches new heights of crazy:

    “This can only be described as evil in the guise of something benign, even good. Its like distributing chocolate covered heroin to children and telling them that its all OK”

    Yes marriage equality is JUST like giving kids chocolate covered drugs. Do these people ever just listen to themselves?

  5. realPolithicks

    WTF, these guys are becoming increasingly desperate. I expect we will see an big increase in this kind of fear mongering over the next couple of weeks.

  6. Ima Soul

    Everyone with a closed box of embedded beliefs, edits reality to fit their beliefs. Information and hidden truths need to be looked at with an open “mind”, not from your limited box of beliefs. Who told this man that it is this way and no other way? And who told the person who told him? Beliefs are given to you when you didn’t know any different, they are your conditioning. The truth is worth working for, but you must at least take the lid off and peer outside. If you are rigid with your beliefs, you’ll live in a box, lid shut.
    If you are lucky enough to think you are the absolute normal, I’m so sorry for you.

  7. Selfie Sensation

    old crank uses emotional blackmail to try and make political point. shameful stuff.

  8. Anyways

    it really must be wonderful to be of such a safe and impassioned bigotry that you can so freely oppose equality without anything else in your day to distract you. Im oppressed . id have very little going on , but I know the difference between right and wrong. To counteract ‘wont somebody please think of the children’ folk, we must get out and vote yes for our loved ones.

      1. Keith

        From the url I presume you are shocked and appalled by Conchita Wurst? What possible harm is she going to do to my children?

        If she is the new normal then it can’t come fast enough. Much better than the old normal we had to sit through every Sunday.

        1. Anyways

          Conchita is a drag artist, have ya beef with them too? well in that case you wouldnt have had Lily Savage or make up done Eddie Izzard or any such legends, gosh even Paul o Grady himself might have on a bit of guy liner what difference does it make to you? dont be at that teaching your kids to hate lark, anyway themz drag queens aint got jack to do with sexuality pal.

  9. 15 cents

    they keep making up ridiculous outcomes of a yes vote being passed .. kids wont know the difference between man and woman .. that doesnt make any sense and he doesnt offer an explanation, because its so so … soooo … dumb.

  10. Starina

    Wonder if he’s related to the fella on LaTouche Bridge this morning with the wee jesus name on a stick shouting “for true equality let’s marry monkeys!” at passserby.

          1. life boy

            “Nowadays, any Irish person showing great interest in British affairs, or condescending toward Irish national issues may have the term “West Brit” applied to them.” I love wikipedia.

  11. Jane

    He’s pretty well stricken in years for someone who doesn’t know the difference between sex and gender, in fairness.

  12. Sinabhfuil

    When I was a kid my birthday and Christmas presents included old stuff, new stuff, pink stuff, blue stuff, dolls, guns, bikes, roller skates, jigsaws, books (with male and female protagonists), skipping ropes, hula hoops, marbles, jacks, playing cards…
    Nowadays, if you gave a girl a gun or a boy a doll you’d be accused of child abuse. Genderiness has reached an unprecedented level of loopyness.

  13. Lilly

    I suspect Kenny Snr would be more perturbed to discover his son is Denis O’Brien’s bitch than by his decision to endorse a movement that will succeed with or without him.

  14. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    Anyone else think he has a touch of Gyles Brandreth about him?

  15. TK ickle

    These protocols became legally binding when, appended to the Croatian Accession Treaty, it became law on December 1, 2014.

    Can anyone confirm this actually happening?

    1. Joe the Lion

      I can’t see the Commission bringing a case against Ireland for this, can you?

        1. ReproBertie

          I’m going to say that he’s not right. Title 1 Article 1 of the protocols on the concerns of the Irish People in the Lisbon Treaty states that “Nothing in the Treaty of Lisbon attributing legal status to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, or in the provisions of that Treaty in the area of Freedom, Security and Justice affects in any way the scope and applicability of the protection of the right to life in Article 40.3.1, 40.3.2 and 40.3.3, the protection of the family in Article 41 and the protection of the rights in respect of education in Articles 42 and 44.2.4 and 44.2.5 provided by the Constitution of Ireland.”

          To me that means that Lisbon doesn’t impact on Article 41 but as it doesn’t
          include the text of those articles there’s equally nothing in Lisbon to stop us amending them.

          1. Joe the Lion

            I agree. It is a total straw man. That’s why I answered the way I did Tk ickle. Patriotism being the last refuge of a scoundrel and so on.

  16. nellyb

    The sweat sweat nostalgia
    Wise benevolent fathers, earnest and fatherly friends of father’s and sons longing for father’s recognition…
    – I’d imagine Enda Kenny is massively annoyed with such vulgar patronising and shameless attempt to leverage friendship with Kenny’s father (if that’s what is being alleged). Hopefully he ignores this ‘poetry’ and sends this to oblivion where it belongs.

  17. Tá Frilly Keane

    53 replies
    54 now

    Ha. Arnold must be delighted wi’himself
    It must be thurt’ ie years since his readership responders hit them numbers

    1. Joe the Lion

      His father from Great Britain, his attitudes borne of the Pleistocene, neither a hurling stronghold

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