For Your Consideration: Uisce Beatha



The multi-award winning Titanic-based short.

Shot on a Canon 550D!

Has arrived online.

Cork-born filmmaker Shaun O’ Connor writes:

Myself and writer/actor Tadhg Hickey came across an amazing untold Irish Titanic story and made a short film about it in a weekend for a total of €300.

It went on to screen and win awards at festivals all over the world, including  DC Shorts, the biggest short film festival on the East Coast of the US, where it won the “Filmmakers’ Choice” award.

After a crazy few years on the festival circuit, we have just made the film available (above)

Since the the short we were selected as one of the winners of the RTE Storyland commission and created the series ‘(R)onanism‘.  Anyways, thanks for your time & hope ye enjoy the short!

Reviews welcome below.

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9 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Uisce Beatha

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    I really enjoyed that. Nice film, and well done for doing such a good job with so little resources.

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Saw this last week from his very similar reddit post. It’s still great.

  3. Dav

    Really enjoyed this; just one small problem: the story stands up on it’s own without the need for a “based on a true story” disclaimer at the start. Other than that, fair play!

  4. Mike Baldwin

    That was really good, enjoyed it. Thought the end was gonna be like, ‘yerra, taught you were gettin’ away wi’out below field ploughed?’ Go on don’ dere Son, I tanked d’Massey, yer Ma’ll see ya at Tea…’ Mind yerself. Sean was round earlier……mind’ – Thanks Da. END.

  5. Pol

    Nicely done. Some lovely shots. I like the way you filmed the train scene: a lesson in budget period shooting.

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