11 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Odis

    Don’t know if Mr. Slimey can last the five years? His situation is similar to that of John Major’s in the 90’s (see cabinet bastards). He won’t be able to impose discipline on the Eurosceptic branch of his party because he can’t afford to expel anyone.
    My guess is that natural wastage, MP’s dying and the what have you, will lead to a confidence vote. I’m also reckoning that they are going to swop Mr. Slimey for Boris, at some stage.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      He’s leaving anyway. Apparently will do 2-3 years, then a new leader before the next election.

      1. Odis

        13 seats left to go and he still hasn’t a majority. My guess is whoever is in charge of the Tories at the next election (Boris Johnson) they can’t last the full five years.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          They have 323 now. Hopefully it implodes with the EU ref but God help us all if Boris is in charge….

          1. Odis

            A small Tory majority in the Conservatives doesn’t bode well for the UK remaining in Europe.
            The original plan was for Cameron (a pro- European) to renegotiate. This would have involved no real changes to anything, except a few words. Cameron would have then sold this to the electorate as a new big deal. And the Brussels guys would whine about “giving away to much” , “driving a hard bargain”, “Damned Anglo Saxons” etc. Just for added realism.

            The problem is that there is a large part of the Conservative party that are anti-EU – they will be able to see right through this smoke and mirrors stuff and tell Cameron to pull his finger out if he wants their support.

    2. Paul Davis

      DUP will step in to save the day if that happens.

      Result is seriously bad news for SF, down 20% and DUP in Westminster’s ear.

      That and the fact they don’t attend giving Dave more power with less votes.

  2. wonder boy in monster land

    Poor Moynes, his condescending Guardian reading friends were smashed and next year the Labour Party in Ireland get it. And even worse the Republicans could beat the Democrats later in 2016. My heart goes out to you, John.

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