Staying In Monday Night?


Kenny’s back.

Tyrone GAA senior football boss, Mickey Harte, will be the first guest to appear on UTV Ireland’s new entertainment series, Pat Kenny in the Round.

A heart to heart with Harte if you will.

Suit yourselves.

Pat Kenny in the Round airs Monday at 9pm.

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35 thoughts on “Staying In Monday Night?

    1. Jonotti

      Not forgetting his part manning the pitchforks in support of jail bird Sean Quinn.

      1. Ms Piggy

        ^^this^^ same goes for that Father Trendy priest campaigning for the Quinns.

  1. Ultach

    “Former”? When did Mickey Harte quit? (I’m not a big GAA fan so if he has I haven’t noticed, but I would have thought I would have heard, having to share as much air as I do with GAAheads).

        1. Ultach

          Thought yous had a big exclusive there. Northern media would have had a wee ruption if MH threw in the towel (as a few have been urging he do for a while now).

  2. fluffybiscuits

    Could it be mentioned that he is also staunchly anti choice i.e. takes a position which denies women rights over the autonomy of their bodies?

    1. Tony

      Ah here Fluffy. Everyone has the right to hold an opinion on an important issue like abortion. You have one. He has one. Other people have theirs.

      No need to be jumping up and down pointing and screeching like some kind of adorable colobus monkey.

      1. Ms Piggy

        Yes, and everyone has to accept being criticised for that opinion, and being judged as a person partly on opinions expressed.

    2. rotide

      You mention this as if it is earthshattering news or he’s one of a minority who feel this way

        1. rotide

          You’ve replied to the wrong comment, but i’ll answer here.

          The extremist ‘Your opinion is literally worse than hitler if it’s not the same as mine’ circlejerk around here is going to get a lot worse.

          1. newsjustin

            If the referendum fails, on the other hand, it will be hilarious on here. That’s very unlikely (thankfully) and the only upside. Imagine……

    3. Sadface

      Id say he might have something to say about the up coming referendum too… i wonder will they have to bring someone from the yes side on incase that comes up,y’know.. for balance..

    1. Mrtits

      Three all Ireland wins including Tyrone’s first, four Ulster final wins? What a waster!


    2. Bingo

      Only jealous cos he’s succeeded where a lot of Cork managers failed?
      Putting Kerry in their box….

      1. Tá Frilly Keane

        Me hole am I jealous

        Kerry don’t always get their own way ya know

        Besides Jimmy Barr has a better record than Hartes
        Even with his years off
        Naw’mind his playing days

        And you won’t see him flogging himself as “hugely successful”

  3. Bort

    When they were giving out looks Mickey Harte thought they said f*pps and said “no thanks”

  4. ahjayzis

    I really liked the Frontline, and Pat’s RTE radio show, Newstalk one is a bit too padded with guests who are clearly paying to flog something or segments with experts answering Q’s for people who can’t Google. But Pat’s great at current affairs.

    However I have zeeeeeero interest in Pat’s light conversation skills / personal interviews and can’t see this doing very well. He’s basically someone’s boring dad when it’s not a topic on politics or like, engineering, where he excels.

  5. Mr. T.

    I like the GAA. I think it’s a really good organisation and great for families. I’m a fair weather Dubs supporter so I go along a couple of times a year.

    But spare me the Personality Cult around Mickey Joe Harte and others. And the saintly status players achieve no matter what they get up to in their private and business lives.

    1. Kieran NYC

      GAA sports are great on their own – it’s the parochial ‘us against the world’, small-minded attitude that goes along with it sometimes that I can’t stand.

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