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Last night.

Dungannon, County Tyrone.

10,000 pallets.

Meanwhile, across the county…

Mickey Harte Apologises After Players Filmed Singing Rebel Song In Front Of Parade (Balls.ie)

This afternoon.

Further to the death of three teenagers – Lauren Bullock, 17, Morgan Barnard, 17, and 16-year-old Connor Currie – at the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown, Co Tyrone on St Patrick’s night when there was a “crush” in the car park of the hotel.

A statement from Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin has been released this afternoon, stating:

“The ongoing investigation into the tragic events at the Greenvale Hotel is active and wide ranging.

“As part of that investigation, it is right and proper that the actions of all those involved are considered.

“Part of the investigation has included a review of the initial police response.

“The first police officers arrived at the hotel grounds shortly after receiving the 999 report.

“Following their initial assessment they made attempts to establish more detail and information about what was happening and subsequently withdrew to await further police support.

“When the first ambulance arrive police moved forward in support of them.

“The timing and nature of police actions during this period require further investigation to fully establish the facts.

“The Chief Constable has therefore decided that the initial police response should be subject to independent scrutiny and it is in the public interest to refer the circumstances and the nature of the actions of the first officers arriving at the scene to the Police Ombudsman.

“The family have been informed of the referral.

“The confidence of the families and the confidence of the communities we serve are at the forefront of our minds in our decision to refer this matter to the Police Ombudsman.

“We will work with the Ombudsman to support whatever action he undertakes and would ask that people do not speculate or prejudge the outcome of the Ombudsman’s investigation.”

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There was an agri spillage in Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone.

This morning…

The Irish News reports:

A major clean-up operation was continuing last night after a thick layer of “pungent” food waste was spilled across the main street of a busy Co Tyrone village.

The paste-like waste was splattered across property and cars along a 100-metre stretch of Aughnacloy’s Moore Street early yesterday.

DUP councillor Frances Burton, deputy chair of Mid Ulster council, last night said the smell was still “horrendous” and she would be requesting a “chemical clean” of the affected area.


Major clean-up continues after ‘pungent’ Aughnacloy spill (The Irish News)

Pics: Rhonda Montgomery

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 02.08.53

Independent candidate and erstwhile Jim Wells cheerleader Susan-Anne White invites uproar at the West Tyrone Decides debate at Omagh’s Strule Arts Centre on Tuesday.

The action starts around the 90 second mark.

Uproar over West Tyrone candidate’s ‘gay abuse’ comments (Ulster Herald)

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(Pic: Ryan McAleer)

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