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This morning.

Ahead of the All-Ireland football Final at Croke Park between Tyrone and Mayo kicking off at 5pm.

Tyrone-born, Broadsheet reader Shayna writes:

Traditionally the third Sunday in September meant one thing in Ireland – All-Ireland Football Final Day. Tradition had given way to ‘The New Normal’ over the past years.The new normal I refer to is Dublin’s Stephen Cluxton holding aloft The Sam Maguire Cup at 5pm on said Sundays. This year, two very deserving teams battle it out in Croke Park.

Mayo have been near misses and also-rans. That changed this year defeating The Champions in their Semi-Final. The superstitious Mayo types will be thinking of “The Curse”. Tyrone have had their own demons to contend with, but this year it’s all change.

Mickey Harte is gone. Feargal Logan and Brian Dooher seem to be steering the ship in the right direction. The Tyrone panel are writhing over the humiliation in Kerry during the National League, retrospectively a timely kick up the back-side for The Championship.

Everywhere in Tyrone, there are red and white flags flying in anticipation of “Sam” coming home to Tyrone. The completely unorthodox Tyrone goal-keeper, Niall Morgan is a primary school teacher in Edendork, his kids composed a song for a Tyrone win. Neil Sludden, another Tyrone player, also a primary school teacher, in Fermanagh – it seems the whole of the school kids turned up in Tyrone jerseys yesterday. Feargal Logan visited St. Joseph’s Convent School in Donaghmore, he was received like a Hollywood celebrity.

I watched an interview with Peter “The Great” Canavan on BBC last night – The Tyrone team is unchanged from the semi. Peter’s son, Dara is on the bench, he’s 18/19, he’s there on merit, a great player. Peter’s opinion was that Cathal McShane should start – to be fair, when he came on, he scored 1-3 in the semi.

In 2004, I travelled with my Dad and uncle, both former Tyrone players to Crossmalina, Mayo for a National Football League game, the whole route was lined with red and white flags and bunting in honour of Cormac McAnallen – it was touching, Mayo beat Tyrone that day.

If Mayo were playing any other county, I’d be shouting for Mayo. Unfortunately – I’m from Tyrone. Come on Tyrone!

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Laszlo Geczo/Inpho

Conor Meyler (Tyrone) and Paudie Clifford (Kerry) in action during the All-Ireland football semi-final last Saturday

Shay Connolly writes:

So just what happened Kerry on Saturday? Slaughtering all before them (except Dublin, of course), the bookies made them favourites to win the All-Ireland at the start of the Championship. According to commentators and journalists alike they had found the jewel that they were previously missing. A playmaker, a man who could go up and down the pitch and make it all happen. His brother David was the man everybody knew but this was the guy that was hyped up to fill the missing link in the Kerry armour. His name? Paudie Clifford.

All year he lived up to the promise and his engine was firing up and down the pitch solving conundrums and creating gift-wrapped parcels for his well known brother and other Kerry forwards as they scored goals for fun throughout the League and Championship, including six against this same Tyrone team just two months ago.

So in desperation almost, the media created a scenario where someone else was going to win the All Ireland other than Dublin. And the hype grew and grew as more money went on the Kerry boys.

Conor Myler is a 26 year old Tyrone footballer. His father played for Tyrone in the 1980s and managed his son’s team at Omagh St Endas. His son didn’t make his team! He played on the B Team. Conor couldn’t make the school team either. He was also an athlete, a cross country and road runner, competing in events throughout the Country. Hard stuff that. At 18, not having made the first team in the club or the school team he had a choice on which sport to pursue 100%.Despite all the negative signs he chose Gaelic Football.

Conor didn’t pin down a first team place with his club until 2014. They won the County Championship that year for the first time in 26 years.. Conor played a leading role. In 2015 he had made the senior County team. He broke his leg in the quarter final win over Donegal.That would be the end of anyone’s season. Not Conor. I read what he did to get back and it was self flagulation stuff in a Tibetan moneastary. He lined out against Dublin in the final eight weeks later. That was the road map that Conor brought into Saturday’s match.

In the last number of years we have constantly heard about these sparkly new diamonds from the Kingdom coming on the scene. Five All Ireland Minor football titles in a row from 2014 to 2018 and not a word about cutting the Ring of Kerry in two. These players are now on the scene. None of them has added a senior crown to their Minor crowns and after Saturday’s display they might never do so.

Kerry came out with bells and whistles ringing from their boots and togs. Half their names were households names throughout the country, even though they have won nothing. Most households would find it hard to name two or three Tyrone players. Conor Myler was given the job of marking the Kingdom’s new jewel, Paudie Clifford. He snuffed him out completely in an amazing display of man marksmanship and ball retention. And the rest is history.

Kerry believed their own hype within their own Kingdom and the hype of others outside of it.Tyrone knew they would have to street fight to win it. Kerry thought that that the jewels in their crown would sparkle with a little polish. Tyrone stole the Kingdom’s jewels and the street fighter won the contest.

Unless Kerry can learn how to become rough diamonds rather than sparkling blue sapphires then they will have to settle for being second or third best for a long time. They can take all the plaudits from around their neighbours fireside and an ever lustful media, who in trying to create a Gaelic Kingdom outside Dublin created a bunch of false pretenders.. and Kerry themselves believed it all.

Shay Connolly is a writer/songwriter, a Ringsend resident and a former Dublin Minor Hurler.

Pic by Philip Walsh via Irish News

Last night.

Dungannon, County Tyrone.

10,000 pallets.

Meanwhile, across the county…

Mickey Harte Apologises After Players Filmed Singing Rebel Song In Front Of Parade (Balls.ie)

This afternoon.

Further to the death of three teenagers – Lauren Bullock, 17, Morgan Barnard, 17, and 16-year-old Connor Currie – at the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown, Co Tyrone on St Patrick’s night when there was a “crush” in the car park of the hotel.

A statement from Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin has been released this afternoon, stating:

“The ongoing investigation into the tragic events at the Greenvale Hotel is active and wide ranging.

“As part of that investigation, it is right and proper that the actions of all those involved are considered.

“Part of the investigation has included a review of the initial police response.

“The first police officers arrived at the hotel grounds shortly after receiving the 999 report.

“Following their initial assessment they made attempts to establish more detail and information about what was happening and subsequently withdrew to await further police support.

“When the first ambulance arrive police moved forward in support of them.

“The timing and nature of police actions during this period require further investigation to fully establish the facts.

“The Chief Constable has therefore decided that the initial police response should be subject to independent scrutiny and it is in the public interest to refer the circumstances and the nature of the actions of the first officers arriving at the scene to the Police Ombudsman.

“The family have been informed of the referral.

“The confidence of the families and the confidence of the communities we serve are at the forefront of our minds in our decision to refer this matter to the Police Ombudsman.

“We will work with the Ombudsman to support whatever action he undertakes and would ask that people do not speculate or prejudge the outcome of the Ombudsman’s investigation.”

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There was an agri spillage in Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone.

This morning…

The Irish News reports:

A major clean-up operation was continuing last night after a thick layer of “pungent” food waste was spilled across the main street of a busy Co Tyrone village.

The paste-like waste was splattered across property and cars along a 100-metre stretch of Aughnacloy’s Moore Street early yesterday.

DUP councillor Frances Burton, deputy chair of Mid Ulster council, last night said the smell was still “horrendous” and she would be requesting a “chemical clean” of the affected area.


Major clean-up continues after ‘pungent’ Aughnacloy spill (The Irish News)

Pics: Rhonda Montgomery

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 02.08.53

Independent candidate and erstwhile Jim Wells cheerleader Susan-Anne White invites uproar at the West Tyrone Decides debate at Omagh’s Strule Arts Centre on Tuesday.

The action starts around the 90 second mark.

Uproar over West Tyrone candidate’s ‘gay abuse’ comments (Ulster Herald)

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(Pic: Ryan McAleer)

(H/T: Nevan Riley)