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An image sourced from the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, transposed to the wall of a derelict building by Julien de Casabianca’s Outings Project, whereby the artist brings art not normally seen on the streets, to the streets.

In this case, 19th century French academic painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s 1886 work “Au pied de la falaise”.


Australian street artist Drew Straker paints unique 2D murals that look like neon signs using only aerosol spray and a special technique that makes his creations appear to glow and ‘pop’ off the wall.



A mere blur four days ago…

John Gallen writes:

C’est fini…. artwork was by an artist who goes by the name Subset* :)

Monday: Meanwhile, In Stirrup Lane

Yesterday: Stirrup Out Of Dat



Alison O’Donnell writes:

That’s my little brother…




This evening.

Richmond Street, Dublin 2.

Happy Molloy writes:

Just saw this interesting piece of graffiti…not too sure if there was text on and below the bottle that was painted out or if that is part of the graffiti.