Right Through The Very Heart Of It


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The financial district, downtown Manhattan, New York City.

Stpehen Farrell writes:

A photoshoot of about 80 Irish people living New York who came together this week in solidarity to support the YES campaign. Organised by Dublin-born Wall Street Journal Journo Quentin Fotterell (top right), novelist Belinda McKeon (top left) and others. Yes!.. Equality Street…

Why do all the hot ones go?


Pics: Snori Sturluson

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17 thoughts on “Right Through The Very Heart Of It

    1. Terry Crone

      I loved that RTE’s ‘The Works’ gets the opinions of outsiders like her.

  1. bertie blenkinsop

    Nice to see a woman telling the old “and this is your bum when you come out of prison” joke.

  2. Supercrazyprices

    New York is one of places people rarely move home from. Too much going on. At most, they move out to somewhere else but not home to corrupt little insular cabbage land.

    1. paulyq

      Not true, I know a few returnees. (Am one myself.)

      CLICL has great quality of life, in the right neighbourhoods. New York can wear you out a bit.

      And in CLICL, preschool costs less than $35k!

  3. Smiley Bolger

    I’ve really had enough of these emigrants giving out and going on about issues in a country they have abandoned of their free will. If they care this much, come back here, work (there are jobs), pay your taxes and vote. They’re as bad as those people who are flying back for the day to vote like some of the middle-class benefits’ tourists. If you really want to have a say in what happens in Ireland, move back here, pay your taxes and vote. Don’t just pick on some trendy topic (which probably helps to push your new book in the case of Belinda or remind media that you still exist in the case of Quentin).

    Rant over

      1. You People!

        The ‘real’ Smiley Bolger is the guy who hosts the ‘Vibe for Philo’ gigs every year.
        He’s a very nice man.
        This is obviously NOT him.

        Oh, you knew that already, did you?
        -Sorry I opened my tab!

          1. Mick Flavin

            Did you see the partial-inspiration for the song on which you base your name died today, Joe?

  4. You People!

    ‘Going nowhere’, indeed…etc.

    Wake yourself up and have a better attitude.
    Nobody is ‘going nowhere’, and you shouldn’t feel so despondent.

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