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Graham Dwyer

RTÉ reports:

“Graham Dwyer has lodged an appeal against his conviction for the murder of Elaine O’Hara. The 42-year-old architect was sentenced to life in prison last month for murdering Ms O’Hara on 22 August 2012.”


Dwyer lodges appeal against murder conviction (RTE)

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10 thoughts on “Dwyer Appeals

  1. 评论员

    apparently he has spent his time since his incarceration drafting up a whole new plan

  2. ReproBertie

    I heard a legal expert on the radio yesterday say that people sentenced to life for murder have nothing to lose by appealing as their sentence can’t be increased so it’s standard practice to lodge an appeal.

    1. Odis

      Can’t fault the logic of that comment. Though I had never ever, considered that simple truth. Thanks

    2. The Old Boy

      Correct. What I’m being told about the new Court of Appeal is that it has taken a rather firmer line than the old Court of Criminal Appeal. It’s getting through the backlog at a rate of knots as well.

    3. Rompsky

      Same deal with a plea. No point to plead guilty and spare the victim’s families the ordeal because there is nothing to lose by pleading not guilty

  3. Jane

    Well, there’s no reason to imagine he’s become less deluded over the past few weeks.

  4. Right you are

    Is there a judge in the land that would let him off on a technicality. Even if one exists, you’d couldn’t let a madman like that out. The threat to the public would be extreme. Not that judges in Ireland are unduly concerned about threats to the public.

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