chiharu-shiota-the-key-in-the-hand-venice-art-biennale-designboom-02 chiharu-shiota-the-key-in-the-hand-venice-art-biennale-designboom-05 chiharu-shiota-the-key-in-the-hand-venice-art-biennale-designboom-08 chiharu-shiota-the-key-in-the-hand-venice-art-biennale-designboom-10 chiharu-shiota-the-key-in-the-hand-venice-art-biennale-designboom-13
An exhibit at the 2015 Venice Art Biennale by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota featuring 50,000 keys (donated by the public) suspended from a vast interlaced network of red threads over two boats.

It explores the notion of memory. But you knew that.


6 thoughts on “Lost Keys

  1. newsjustin

    I like. Looks like it would be very unsettling to be there in person……messy, random, spider-webby…

    I couldn’t hang it on my wall though.

  2. Swoon

    Are the boats supposed to look sunken?,the red lattice makes me think of a sea with rough swells,viewd from under the surface.Just me?
    I like it.

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