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Sarah Jeong’s comprehensive geeknalysis of the storage formats of Star Wars. To wit:

Upon reviewing the Star Wars canon of movies (no animated films or shows, and no Expanded Universe content, which now exists in a purgatory of maybe-canon), it’s become clear to me that that the galaxy is crippled by an abundance of disk formats, with all of the accompanying interoperability issues that we see on our own planet. Every time the Rebel Alliance changes bases, they must be lugging around a spaceship full of drives, both new and obsolete, to read every possible format.

READ ON: (Warning: Spoilers) From Tape Drives To Memory Orbs, the Data Formats of Star Wars Suck (Sarah Jeong, Motherboard)

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In the late 19th century, Holland Island House was the last remaining structure on a rapidly eroding island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

It finally collapsed into the ocean in 2010, ninety years after the last inhabitant left.

Lynn Tomlinson’s multi award-winning animation uses clay on glass to evoke the passage of time, the memories of islanders and the changing ocean currents.


An intriguing shot of an isolated slide in what looks to be a very interesting talk given by UCLA memory expert Professor Robert Bjork at last week’s Association for Psychological Science 2014 Conference. To wit:

Important peculiarities of the human memory system

  • A remarkable capacity for storing information is coupled with a highly fallible retrieval process.
  • What is accessible in memory is highly dependent on the current environmental, interpersonal, emotional and body-state cues.
  • Retrieving information from memory is a dynamic process that alters the subsequent state of the system.
  • Access to competing memory representations regresses towards the earlier representation over time

Waddaya mean you weren’t invited?