Not That Heifer Again



He peddles bull normally.

Not today.

Patrick Donohoe of The Irish Farmers Journal writes:

One from our journalist in the west this morning. Have you ever wanted to see An Taoiseach selling cattle in a mart?! Well, look no further…!

Wake up, shattle.

It’s not a caption competition until you say so.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny auctioning an animal at the Aurivo Mart in Balla

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12 thoughts on “Not That Heifer Again

    1. Elmoisarat

      Sometimes dealers will “claim” an animal when it arrives into the ring, saying they want it for a job & attempting to discourage other dealers from bidding against them. Not in the best interests of the farmer selling the animal, so thus the sign.

      Consider yerself edumacated in the ways of the mart!

  1. Truth in the News

    From Ball to Ballymote the shambles is just the same and every tactic
    of diversion will fool no one, indeed perhaps somone else should
    have put on a white coat and taken along a straight jacket, and under it
    placed a hair shirt in place of the blue one
    Incidently do not the rules of Aurivo Co-op Society preclude their involement in
    political matters, as all this was to day, a political stunt, to breath life
    into a dead political species… can feel the fear of desperation at the
    impending wipe out.
    Indeed the photo op was to highlight optical fibre connectivity to rural areas
    well what use is made of the E-Sat (Denis O’Brien) one that runs fron Ballina
    into Bunneyconellen, thru Sligo, like a lot more of optical fibre through the
    country its unlit and used, imagine if Michelle had better connectivity she
    not need the Dail one to call Kenya.

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