9 thoughts on “De-clampers Outside

  1. keg2boost

    So i asked a dublin city clamper about this, what happens if you chop off a dublin city council clamp. he said what will most likely happen is that they will not persue you, however, if you get clamped again it will show up on their system that a clamp had previously been removed from that car and they will impound the car and charge a hefty fine for its release, including the two clamp charges and the damages charges. FYI sure

    1. John

      1. If the clamp was removed it was not automatically the driver who removed it.
      2.They can be removed without damaging them-I have observed it being done.
      3.They cannot charge for the previous clamp removal-as they did not remove it.
      4.Without evidence that the driver removed a previous clamp they are not allowed to single them out for “special” treatment as in lifting the car as it is one rule for all-not different ones for different individuals.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Got caught at the *hic* back door shinging a shong…. ” I *hic* wish I was on the N, 2, 2, 5 *hic* …”

    …when I realised i had no k *hic* k-k-keys *hic* to gesh-in…. *hic*

    Gishus-a-fag will ya?

    Yeah! Whatever!

    *sticks two fingers up*

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