Niall writes:

Max definitely wants his two daddies to have the same rights as everyone else!


GreenMan writes:

Lola wearing her Tá badge in the sunshine…


Joanne writes:

Fergie (left) & Gabby in Santry [ struggling with why people aren’t treated equally…



Eimear writes:

Gizmo sez ‘Equal opportunities bum sniffing for some, yes equality badges for others’…

Send your Pets For Yes/Pets For No to marked ‘Pets For Yes’/’Pets For No’ where appropriate.

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13 thoughts on “Rufferendum

  1. donkey_kong

    i knew it…next they’ll want the vote for “equality” purposes.
    Iona were right , the floodgates for all sorts of animal shenanigans are now being opened.

    vote no

    1. GreenMan

      I would refer to my dog and my relatives dogs as cousins. It’s kind of a term of endearment towards the pets as opposed to comparing them to children. I’m sure that’s what the bandana is aiming to do here too. I know this referendum is getting a lot of people hot under the collar, but try not to lose your sense of humour!

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