8 thoughts on “The Weeping Sink

  1. Clampers Outside!

    The scatter cushions are a nice touch, no :)

    So, my mate tells me her friend has moved in with her boyfriend. Before this she had put her one bed on AirBNB a few times and was making good money… now that she’s moved in with the boyfriend she kept the one bed and has it on AirBNB full time and apparently is clearing three times the rent.

    The tax man cometh soon to AirBNB I’ve heard…. she’ll stop before then, I assume, or she’ll get caught badly.

    1. McKay

      Dunno Mr. Clampers. I’ve read that Revenue make regular trawls of the AirBnB database looking for non-declarers. Easy pickings as far as they’re concerned..

      1. McKay

        Definitely. Know 1 guy who was left 2 houses in D6 by his Da. Both had long-term tenants renting at a reasonable price given there was absolutely no maintenance/modernisation attempted. Son kicked out the tenants, hipstered everything up a bit and is now sitting pretty. Not sure he’s tax compliant though :)

  2. YourNan

    sure that’s what Irish landlords do, kick out long term tenants if they don’t accept whatever extortionate request is made and rent it out to some other sucker, it’s not like airbnb invented greedy gobshites.

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