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This morning/afternoon.

Leading chefs from around the country – including Dylan McGrath (top left) and Derry Clarke – gathered to support the ‘Kitchen Charter’ a practical initiative by Chef Network developed to “improve the working environment in professional kitchens throughout Ireland”.

Maybe stop SHOUTING at underlings like sweary crazy people.

It’s grub, not Vietnam.


Our Kitchen Charter

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland



Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Ireland 2019 land of bunkbeds, sheds and sofas. €420pm to live in a sitting room. A curtain as privacy from the 5 tenants using the kitchen in your bedroom. You get a shelf in a fridge, a cupboard & 3 drawers….



Donal O’Conghaile writes:

Since the last posting did so well, I thought your readers might be interested in my latest offering. The Life Hack Your Kitchen poster is designed to to help anyone cook smarter, waste less food and have an easy clean up afterwards. Like my previous projects, the tips in this graphic have been thoroughly tested, carefully illustrated and assembled into an eye-catching wall print [available at link below].

Life Hack Your Kitchen (LifeHackPosters)

Irish-made stocking fillers to broadsheet@broadshseet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. Fee free.

The Fluidity – a combination dish-rack/herb-garden concept from DesignLibero:

The water that trickles from the washed dishes irrigates the plants. The base, thanks to its fluid form, directs the wastewater into the sections where are plant containers placed. Each container is perforated at the bottom for water passage. The containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber, to control the water environment of the plant on the one hand and to keep clean the dish drainer base on the other hand.

Mummy, I don’t want to go to aunt Cecily’s penthouse. The parsley tastes like Fairy Liquid