A Word From The Flats



A yes army.

Near the Andes.

Joey Kavanagh writes:

My pal Jo Halpin, currently travelling around South America, sent me this nice clip of a group of Irish people at Salar de Uyuni, (the world’s largest salt flat)Bolivia sending home their support for the upcoming referendum. Nice to see a yes vote on the horizon….

27 thoughts on “A Word From The Flats

  1. collynomial

    If the rate of International Yes campaigners continues at this pace, by my calculations there will be no one left in the country to vote that way on May 22nd.

          1. 评论员

            sorry its just sometimes i need to hear myself think, because i’m deaf in 1 ear & can’t hear in the other

  2. Not Gerry Adams

    That’ll defo beat off the surrogacy red herrings! Good job guys! LET’S GET BACKSLAPPIN’

  3. Bazzamatta

    Wow. Another “vote yes” article on broadsheet!
    Lads, the “Ayes” have it; there’s really no need for this hourly torture.
    Please stop…!

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          Absolutely correct. But broadsheet have yet to pay attention to any complaints on that front. There comes a point where you need to take responsibility for your own actions and either stop reading their posts (which would bring their page views down and actually provide some incentive not to post pro-yes articles), or stop complaining.

          1. Odis

            Why stop complaining?
            You might argue that there’s no point in banging your head against a brick wall.
            Someone also may argue that to stop complaining would be defeatist. The act of a subdued moron.

            After all there are many on here that don’t accept that RTE should be a bag of ****.
            They are right, it shouldn’t be. Though I doubt if their complaints will change anything soon.

          2. Lorcan nagle

            Well, are you looking to complain for complaint’s sake, or are you actually looking to change broadsheet’s editorial bias?

            Like many commercial identities, broadsheet makes their money from ad space. They sell that as space based on their reader base, and they attract that reader base by posting stories they think people will read and comment on.

            So by reading the article, you’re giving broadsheet money. By commenting on the article you’re making it more likely other people will read and comment, further increasing their page views.

            Assuming you’re serious about not wanting this stuff on broadsheet, you’re going about it in one of the worst possible ways. A far more productive way would be to deny them the page views, and emailing them directly, and getting as many like-minded folk to do the same.

            That said, I seriously doubt you’ll get anywhere. The broadsheet team have their views and given that this is their private space to do with as they will, you and your friends would need to have a significant financial pull to change things. But as it is, you’re part of the problem you’re railing against

          3. Odis

            A convincing argument, Lorcan. However, Broadsheet is also about debate.
            Use “Ad Block Plus” – that way you can have your cake and eat it.

          4. Lorcan Nagle

            It absolutely is about debate. But if your opening gambit is “I don’t want you to talk about subject X”, it’s an odd one.

            And if you really don’t want broadsheet to talk about subject X, engaging in debate about it seems counterproductive to me.

          1. Owen

            To be fair, the comments are generally the same 15 people reiterating their pointless. Hardly a new market broken into.

            And I for one love the rantings!.. till about noon. Then I get bored and try giving work a go.

          2. Owen

            You wouldn’t know a troll if it jumped up and kicked you, jacka**. Between you and the painfully uneducated Yes voters on here I’m seriously considering voting no, reading to Joe.ie, and paying my water bill.

            (one on the house, its Friday)

          3. Don Pidgeoni

            Wow, that escalated quickly….when in Rome…

            “I’m seriously considering voting no” oh fupp off then. Sick to the gills with the emotional blackmail of spineless idiots moany gee-eyed people like you who think you should be treated with kid gloves so you will reward Ireland with a yes vote like the magnanimous benefactors you claim to be.

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