Wacky Leaks



Brian writes:

Just thought you’d be interested to see the Irish Water bill that came in the door on Monday, needless to say I think we’ve got a leak. To put the amount of water into perspective, a 50m Olympic swimming pool is 2,500 cubic metres…

Yesterday: The Bitterest Bill

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49 thoughts on “Wacky Leaks

    1. Neil

      I fully refuse to believe that a basic 2/3/4 bed home is losing 28k litres a day. It’s just literally incredible . What is more believable, is that the meters installed are substandard and not working correctly.

  1. chris

    and every single drop of the water that was metered coming into the house was flushed straight back down to the sewers…
    not a cup of tea was had, not a glass of water was drank..

    1. ReproBertie

      It has been officially stated many times that they would calculate waste water levels by just copying the supplied water levels from the meters.

      It could equally be argued that if every drop of liquid that went down the toilets/plugs came through the taps then not a can of beer, pint of milk or bottle of wine was bought.

  2. Mister Mister

    At least you’re being sensible about it. Not all OMG, get me on to Dublin Against Water right now !

  3. edalicious

    Flipping hell that’s a large amount of water. I know everyone’s losing their collective minds over water charges but I reckon this goes to show that metering is not a bad idea at all.


    1. Neil

      It’s not the metering, it’s the charge people have a problem with. Oh yeah, and that quango and all the cash they have squandered.

      1. Paolo

        Then why are they protesting meter installations?

        The fact is that there is a huge amorphous group of moaners who actually all have different gripes
        – People who disagree with the idea that Irish Water is a semi-state body
        – People who don’t like the dodgy dealings of Denis O’Brien
        – People who don’t like the lack of public consultations in the creation of IW etcetera
        – People who don’t feel that they should pay for water and that the water system magically maintains and upgrades itself and that rain water magically cleans itself for consumption and that Ireland is different to every other developed country and shouldn’t have direct charges for water.

        The result is an incoherent clamour for something something that has been latched onto by some otherwise failed politicians as a means to gain some credibility.

        1. declan

          that’s the anti water meter crowd or as the anti water charge people call them “splitters”

  4. Randy Ewing

    If its showing up on your meter then the leak has to between it and your front door, is that not worrying ?

    has your gaff started sinking ?

    or is the meter installed correctly ?

    1. Niallo

      Eh, more like “so aquaman, whats it like living in a lake ” that amount of water constitutes a fair sized river.
      I deeply suspect they got their “reading” from a phone book…

    1. Dubloony

      Some times it seeps through the ground without anything noticeable to the eye.
      but in this case, your house should be sinking.

      Now for the fun part, have Irish Water been called for your first free fix?

      1. Big Bad

        Sometimes people say stuff on the internet without any real knowledge either. Liquefaction, sinking houses now really.

        There’s about 0.35 litres per sec of a leak here. About the equivalent of leaving a kitchen sink tap or two fully open all the time.

        A problem… Yes …Sinking House… No

        1. Randy Ewing

          Your maths is witchcraft ! Burn him ! then put him out with the leaky water and burn him again !!

  5. cousinjack

    If the pipe between the main and your house was losing that much water, there is a big chance that the house would have subsided, and the pavement and drive may have collapsed. Domestic leaks are ususally no larger than a few cubes a day. Faulty meter/inaccurate reading more likely

    1. medieval knievel

      yep, i’m not even sure that if you left a tap running it’d be able to deliver that much water – and if you did have a leak that big, you’d have no pressure in the house.

  6. peckerhead

    Maybe one of the missing digits from the wrong IBAN code they sent out got slipped into your bill by accident?
    Easily done, in fairness.

  7. 15 cents

    that amount of water, the whole area would be like a swamp. maybe IW shouldve spent their (our) money on accurate equipment instead of flashy animated info videos. videos which would have you believe they know what theyre at.

  8. Keith

    It wouldn’t necessarily result in a huge pool of water if the leaked water entered the waste-water system (e.g. it was leaking taps and/or toilets).

    It should be easy enough to confirm whether this is a real leak or a meter error. Close all taps, wait until the washing machines etc are off, wait for all toilet cisterns to fill and then go look at the water meter. If the value is increasing there’s a leak and a stopwatch will tell you how fast the leak is.

    1. Ger Nalist

      Alternatively, just go on Broadsheet and have a laugh about it.
      I know which choice I’d be taking..

  9. Custo

    I got a bill and it turns out that there’s someone else living in my house, unbeknownst to me.

    Maybe they sneak down from the attic when we go to work.

  10. Niamh

    My cousin also received a gigantic bill. About half the amount of yours but still a huge amount of money.

    They already knew about their leak though and informed Irish Water long ago. They’ve been on to them dozens of times but nothing has been done about it to my knowledge.

    I still haven’t registered (I’m not particularly anti-water charges, I’m just incredibly lazy) and no bill has come yet . Are we all supposed to have received them by now?

    1. Niamh

      I should mention also that this particular leak was caused by Irish Water apparently.

      1. Paolo

        You may not have noticed but they are pretty busy at the moment. Something about being prevented from doing their jobs every single minute of the day.

  11. Liam from Lixnaw

    i think i would be very curious(paniking) about where the water is going if it were my house

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