Someday My Prints Will Come



This afternoon.

Artist and ‘sheet favourite Annie West  with Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Annie presented the prince with a painting of St. Columba’s Church, Drumcliff, Co Sligo after the  Service for Peace and Reconciliation in the church.

NO curtsy!

G’wan the Annie.



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11 thoughts on “Someday My Prints Will Come

    1. Zarathustra

      Aye, I chuckled when I read it. That’s some endorsement though, having one of your paintings hanging in a Royal house – one can only dream :(

      1. Joe the Lion

        Ooh there look at you

        Maybe The Royles would like their pic hanging in your house!!! Won’t someone think of the Royles?

  1. Annie

    Eh hello dearest Broadsheet. Piccy was done by me but (and *thank you* for thinking I’m so young) those two lovely girls are Jessica Barber and Kitty Bird from Sligo Grammar School who made the presentation.

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