Can You Feel It?




Mark Bennett writes:

Putting Mullingar on the map…



The Gravediggers, Glasnevin, Dublin.

Thanks Fran Veale


This evening.

The George, George’s Street, tonight.

Thanks Jim O’Callaghan



O’Connell Street, Dublin

John Gallen writes:

Horns a blowin’ from passing cars, a choir singing ‘u got the love’, ‘caravan of love’, and more.. a stranger, big guy, slaps me on the shoulder, “great isn’t it!”.. He wanders off…Nice buzz about…Right, they’re tuning up for ‘Imagine’… urgh, I’m off ;)


Chris writes:

Gay says yes! Less of this ‘Gays say no!’


Dublin Airport tonight.

District Magazine writes:

There’s a monstrous queue to get into Ireland this evening. Guess what they’re all back for?


Conor Ryan writes:

I drew a cartoon of support for the Yes vote and it’s getting some attention through my Facebook page. It was suggested to me that you might want to post it on your site…

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29 thoughts on “Can You Feel It?

  1. Anne

    a stranger, big guy, slaps me on the shoulder,
    At least it wasn’t the arse I suppose.

    Please say we can say arse administrators.

  2. The Old Boy

    Dublin airport does get like that on a Friday evening. I came through at three this afternoon and there was no queue for passport control.

      1. The Old Boy

        I was wondering when you’d spot that, Wilson. Fair play to them though, if they are coming back to vote.

  3. Sam

    Well, I expect to be home-to-vote tomorrow, after taking a bit of a trip from Poland (where I currently live, a country which has a constitutional bar on SSM) through Germany (civil partnership) then through Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK (all have SSM)… hopefully after tomorrow Ireland will be able to make the same boast as most EU countries.

    The same day I cycled through Luxembourg, their prime minister married his male partner. Was that mentioned on the news at home?

    1. newsjustin

      Only 9 out of 28 EU Members States currently have SSM available in them. So not “most”.

      The Luxembourg marriage got a mention on here anyway. Not sure about the papers.

  4. Odis

    So go on – can anyone tell me what’s the relevance of the picture of the pint and those hideous looking bacon flavoured corn “snax” – or am I missing something?

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