Meanwhile, In London


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Lucy Riordan writes:

It’s getting close to the end but we threw together one last #BeMyYes event in London last night. We were blown away to be joined by so many Internet strangers who felt the same way – even Moriarty himself, Andrew Scott [third pic second from left]  came along. So much love from London for Marriage Equality and so much hope that we get to walk into work next week with our hearts full of pride for being from the first country in the world to vote for Marriage Equality.
Let’s make this happen – Please #BeMyYES


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Stephen and Síobha, from Be My Yes, write:

“This video focuses on the human element to this referendum and the true impact it will have on people’s lives such as Jack and Stefaan from Galway who now live in London.

Last year on their 8th anniversary, Jack proposed in the same Galway cinema where they had their first date. They’ve booked a venue in Galway for their wedding next year but will find out tomorrow if they will be able to live their lives fully and happily in their home country.”

Be My Yes (Facebook)

36 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In London

  1. Jonotti

    Eff off. It’s completely pointless campaigning on this issue or even worse “showing solidarity”.

    1. Nigel

      ‘even worse “showing solidarity”.’

      Which is, I think, the opposite of what you’ve been doing?

  2. Corvo

    As pointless as commenting on every post pertaining to the matter just to complain? Seriously though, have you nothing better to do?

    1. munkifisht

      Well, I’m working around the corner from there but can’t afford to come home. Yes that’s right, I can’t afford the £80 for a round trip ticket, but I’m a student and I find it hard enough to make it to the end of the month. Not moaning or anything and be as cynical as you like, but a lot of people aren’t able to execute a say in the future of their country because Ireland’s about as backward when it comes to postal voting as it is (today) about Gay Marriage and they can’t afford A) time or B) money to come home and vote. Also, it’s not possible to register if you’re not in the country, so, for those people, despite being a citizen you won’t be able to return home to vote even if you wanted to.

      1. JimmytheHead

        Its 80 sterling to book a ticket TODAY, if you had any intention of coming back you could have booked it months ago… 12 euro last month for example. Thats right, I checked! A very smug reply considering youre asking people to vote on your behalf. Manners cost nothing. Oh and its even cheaper on the Ferry, not that your lordship would lower oneself to travelling with commoners.

          1. munkifisht

            Did actually. dunno where Jimmy saw those tickets but wish I’d seen em myself. Stomach is sick seeing the pics tonight if a packed Dublin Airport. Tickets are £240 today. Very sad panda

          2. JimmytheHead

            Ryanair website mate, literally as I wrote that message. You must have gotten bored while typing it into Google and fell asleep or something. Ah well, plenty of people who actually bothered will vote on your behalf so you can relax, ya poor thing!

  3. Derek M

    They’re in London, why don’t theyfly back if they care enough? It’s only an hour, there are people making much longer commutes within the country to vote

    1. munkifisht

      Because some people can’t afford it
      Because some people aren’t registered
      Because some people have other commitments that they can’t get out of
      Also, it’s an hour to Dublin Airport, potentially you could have a 6 hour journey after that.

      1. JimmytheHead

        Because some people only bothered to think about it today.
        Because it really doesnt matter enough to you.
        Because London is so much cooler blah blah blah.

      2. custo

        Why wouldn’t they be registered?

        I’m presuming that most people who emigrate are at least 18.

          1. munkifisht

            Also you’re not automatically registered. I was 22 when iI finally registered.

          2. Joe the Lion

            @ munki
            I’m voting twice tomorrow and possibly even three times. I’ll vote for ye.

            Cheapest way to get home from Blighty is Sail:Rail btw €80 return to London

    2. Muffy

      I wasn’t granted the time off that’s why I’m not home … Have a think before you post

  4. connla

    I Live in London, getting a flight home 9am tomorrow morning, should get home to vote Yes by 2pm.

    But I arranged the time off over a month ago when the date was first confirmed

    1. Mick

      I’m flying home from Slovakia for a day and a half, unless you’re in a job where you can’t get the time off people had plenty of notice and should get their s*** together.

    2. Friday

      Me too! It cost me £300 to get to my regional airport as it’s the UK bank holiday weekend, but this is just too important to miss.

  5. Maria

    I was at that event last night. Infuriatingly, the only way that I and many other Irish citizens can support is to show solidarity, because if you haven’t been resident in Ireland for more than 18 months you legally don’t have the right to vote.

    I’m disgusted that as an Irish citizen I don’t have the right to vote in a change to our constitution. If I did have the right to vote I would have travelled back to Ireland in a heartbeat. I have spoken to family members about the referendum to encourage them to use their democratic right to vote, and vote yes. A huge amount of Irish citizens who have emigrated intend to return at some point and I personally would like to return to a country that is fair and equal.

  6. Bill

    There’s gonna be a lot of sad people when the votes are counted and No is the outcome. Thankfully the majority will be happy with the outcome though.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Ha! Can’t wait til your jaw drops as the result is announced in The George on TV3 tomorrow.

      Though you’ll probably be too busy wanking to the drag queens.

  7. Roger

    Bill, they may still be cringing in response to your appalling effort at stringing two sentences together.

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