19 thoughts on “One Result

      1. munkifisht

        Ah, if it was any use I would have thought I’d have read about it on my newsgroup

          1. ThePeoplesHero

            G’wan out of that. The Golden Pages and the Argos Catalogue is all you need….

    1. Anne

      It’s 10 to the 100th power (which is 1 followed by 100 zeros). A googol is larger than the number of elementary particles in the universe, which amount to only 10 to the 80th power, ya big fat culchie.

  1. rotide

    Follow the link to the video, there’s some great examples of forced participation.

    Personal favorite is the woman claiming “I’m diverse myself”. Gobs***e.

  2. Bejaziz

    Hasen’t stopped them taking money from the No campaign for their ads on Youtube

  3. graywing

    Taking this with a pinch of salt. They’re more than happy to take the NO side’s cash to plaster the ‘think of the children’ straw man across YouTube.

    1. rotide

      So you mean they should turn down business because of how they feel about it morally?

      Sounds familiar…..

    2. Bobby

      I’d say they’d be opening themselves up for a lot of bad publicity if they refused the no side. And it would just make the no side look more like victims, which is the basis of their campaign.

  4. Jonotti

    It’s a pity Google continue to avoid tax, to spy for the US government and to ban unionization of their workforce. But hey, they’re pro-LGBT. All is forgiven guys.

  5. mauriac

    more of a http://www.duckduckgo.com man myself.they don’t track you or tell you what to think.might even pay their taxes too…Will expect google to campaign for financial equality before next GE and start working on the financial transactions tax in the meantime.

  6. JimmytheHead

    Fair play to Google. Feck paying taxes to our crummy government full of jerks. Google brought maps to our country, something we use more than anything the government could pull out of its arse in the last 20 years. In fairness they couldnt even put decent signs on the roads.

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