Notes From The Front



dublin south


‘Yes’ canvassing last night from top: Charleville, Co Cork ; Dublin south and Sligo

Easy And Clear

This one is easy. This one is clear
It’s not usually easy.
Most of the time, when you knock on the door,
And you clear your throat when they answer
You’re at the end of a long process.

You read too much and argued too much,
And it wasn’t easy or clear.
But you picked a side and followed the colours
And when they opened the door you smiled
As if it was easy and clear.

But here, now, this time, at last,
It is easy and it is clear.
Easier than voting for love, for equality.
Now we can vote for the right to look
At our friends in the eye, as equals.

John Moynes

Pics via Yes Equality

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One thought on “Notes From The Front

  1. Odis

    Would this modern poetry,
    Where things don’t have to rhyme,
    It isn’t easy, it isn’t clear,
    Or is John Moynes,
    Just crap,
    And can only do limericks.

    – Odis

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