To Your Bed



‘Essex’ writes:

I don’t know if it is too late to send this but it is such a cute pic of Bunty and Bobby. And They Call it Puppy Love….


Roxie wonders:

‘Is equality here yet?’


Mary writes

Chaucer purrfurs yes


Ie O’Shea writes:

Moss and George are worried about the results. Cheer them up by voting yes!

Liked those.

You’ll love these.

Last minute Pets for Yes/Pets For No/Pets Who Don’t Know to marked Pets For Yes/Pets For No/Pets Who Don’t Know.

16 thoughts on “To Your Bed

  1. Praetorian.

    Absolute bollox that i cant vote.
    i live in WH but im stuck in G…not a chance of gettin’ home.
    Democracy my arse.

  2. Mike

    Never to late for broadsheet. Are you going to start covering other stories again soon?

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      Biggest civil rights issue of our times and you’d rather read about nicked bikes and yokes that look like Ireland….?!

      1. Tá Frilly Keane

        Steady up there

        Let’s have a ProChoice Constitution before ye start calling Gay Marriage the Biggest Civil Rights of Our Time.

        Didn’t see the tribes in matching hoodies and T shirts helping some of us try and get that over the line.

        And if ye think the No crowd were out of order this time……
        You can’t begin to understand how pissed off I am now

  3. rugbyfan


    If only they had the vote.

    Get out there and make history those who do!!

  4. Mr. T.

    Eh, those two dogs in the first pic. Do people not know that’s like being surrounded by stuffed dead bodies? They’re freaked out.

    1. Sharon's Boyfriend

      Who cares?

      Just be grateful that it’s over.

      Now, do you have any questions regarding the so-called ‘Water-Charges’, and how they amount to nothing but an extra tax on an already over-burdened society to [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] O'[Redacted] ?

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