Bringing Ballot To The Masses


Instruction-Grey-BGBallot-Presidential-Age-Grey-BG Ballots-mockup

Geoffrey Keating of creative agency Each And Other writes:

Inspired by your bad form post, we decided to redesign the Marriage Equality ballot form, designed specifically for voters with low levels of literacy and visual impairments.

Ballot design is highly regulated at the moment, but we think that even some small design improvements could help voters successfully cast their ballots…[more at link below]

Designing a better voting experience for everyone (Geoffrey Keating, EachAndOther)

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7 thoughts on “Bringing Ballot To The Masses

  1. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Seems fair to me – democracy comes into the UXD era

    Maybe if Yes wins today, all manner of modern fads such as recognising low levels of literacy and visual impairment will be considered.

    Here’s hoping the island takes another baby step forward today.

  2. Jimmee

    I’ve never seen such a fuss over a vote before.

    You know we have these kind of things every few years and we’ll continue to have them in the years ahead.

    1. Kieran NYC


      Last time I saw that kind of print, it was telling me to “Leigi anois go curamach…”

  3. Marie

    The ones above are miles better. Today’s was grand bc i had seen a lot of posts on social media beforehand with sample papers but got the general election one the last time and I genuinely could not make head nor tail of it. Nearly forgot who I was voting for with the stress of trying to figure it out.

    Let Geoffrey make the papers I say!

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