G’wan The Charlie


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James Gabriel Martin writes:

Here’s a really special man and photo I got on Saturday at Dublin Castle as the results rolled in. Eighty-year-old Charlie Mooney was there with his daughter Kate to celebrate the passing of the referendum.

STILL mmmf-ing.

James Gabriel Martin Photography

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18 thoughts on “G’wan The Charlie

  1. Digs

    I painted my face and did what he did to boot! Seriously though what did he do? Am I missing something?

    1. newsjustin

      Ageism. You’re missing the ageism. Old people only voted No…except for this gentleman.

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    When asked to comment he replied “Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere…”

  3. kate

    That’s me and my dad. My mam who’d been out canvassing and knocking on doors for the last month was there too. They didn’t “do” anything in particular except support, advocate and protest for the last 40 years for equal rights for all citizens, women’s rights, against the apartheid regime in SA, for the peace process in NI and so on. They were both delighted to be able to celebrate such a wonderful day for Ireland….not many such days before.

  4. Eoghany

    Fair play to your dad for all the campaigning he’s done down the years, and for attending the celebrations. Not too many 80 year olds were out, if any. He looks like a real gentleman.

  5. des farren

    Charlie is a neighbour of mine and has been involved in many issues dealing with civil rights and fair play to all citizens.
    His life has been dedicated to helping others and I admire him hugely.
    His humanity is exemplary and his basic decency to all is infectious.
    He is one lovely individual.

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