‘Deputy Murphy Is Out Of Order’




Independent TD Catherine Murphy attempts to raise concerns about the involvement of KPMG in the review of the Siteserv deal.

Enter Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett.

Catherine Murphy: “There is a motion on the Order Paper, No. 197, to which there are 45 signatories. Unusually, it has been signed by almost the entire Opposition. I am calling on the Taoiseach to consider allocating time for a debate on it. It concerns the review by KPMG of Siteserv and other issues. It was pointed out when we were debating the matter that there were conflicts or, at least, perceived conflicts with the individual who was to carry out the review.

Seán Barrett: “I am sorry, but we cannot deal with that issue on the Order of Business.”

Murphy: “There has been further damaged by virtue of the fact…”

Barrett: “Is time being allocated to debate the motion?”

Murphy: “…that IBRC joined the process last week.”

Barrett: “I am sorry, but the Deputy cannot raise this issue on the Order of Business. Will she, please, resume his seat?”

Murphy: “It joined the court case last week. Essentially, a court case was taken by Mr Denis O’Brien…”

Barrett: “Deputy Martin Heydon is next. I am sorry, but Deputy Catherine Murphy is out of order.”

Murphy: “The conflicts of interest are now greater than they were.”

Barrett: “The Deputy is out of order. Will she, please, resume her seat? She cannot raise this matter on the Order of Business.”

Murphy: “If there is to be a review and we are to spend public money on it and there is someone who is…”

Barrett: “The Deputy has a Whip. She can ask them to go to the whips’ meeting and arrange a debate.”

Murphy: “It seems that time should be provided…”

Barrett: ‘Will the Deputy, please, resume her seat?’

Murphy: “That there are 45 signatories on the Opposition side is no small matter.”

Barrett: “The Deputy can ask her Whip to deal with the matter at the whips’ meeting.”

Murphy: “I am asking the Taoiseach to consider allocating time to debate the motion.”

Barrett: “Will the Deputy, please, resume her seat?”

Martin Heydon (Fine Gael): “I wish to ask the Taoiseach about promised legislation following last Friday’s historic vote. It represented another move by the Government to improve equality in society, as well as fixing the economy. I wish to ask the Taoiseach about another issue on which the Government has made progress…”

Good times.

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Transcript via Oireachtas.ie

11 thoughts on “‘Deputy Murphy Is Out Of Order’

  1. manolo

    Brave woman. She should get the support of everybody, not just keyboard warriors like me. The points she raise should not be dampened through internal bureaucracy of the Dail. It is serious, it is of national interest, it has the potential of landing people in jail if followed through.

  2. nellyb

    I wonder if Seán Barrett ties himself up to the leg of his desk – so much hot air, he should be floating under the ceiling. I sometimes worry he’d pop and splatter all over beautiful velour seats and lovely outfits of the deputies.

  3. Truth in the News

    No doubt about it between Irish Water, Siteserv and Aer Lingus they are playing
    with fire, who is in charge, and Bluffer Barrett wont put out the balze.

  4. Rowsdower

    Martin Heydon gets right in there with the talking points, trying to make the gay marriage into part of his narrative about Fine Gael are improving everything.

    I wonder if these are handed out in memos before hand or do less TD’s think that sucking up to Enda will get them a promotion and TD pension before they get booted out.

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