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The KPMG motion (top) and Kieran Wallace (above)

This just in.

Following uncomfortable revelations made during the RTÉ Vs Denis O’Brien court case last week.

A motion put down by Catherine Murphy and Fianna Fáil TDs [on the order paper for next Tuesday] concerning the involvement of KPMG in the Siteserv review  and other ‘matters’.

Ms Murphy said:

 I’ve said from the start that the review – in it’s current form, is simply not fit for purpose. There are far too many conflicts of interest, be they perceived or real – on behalf of KPMG and specifically Kieran Wallace.

The most recent revelations in the High Court regarding the relationship between the Special Liquidator, Kieran Wallace, and some senior Debtors of IBRC serves to underline those conflicts and makes it impossible for the review to continue in its current form and that is why we are calling on the Minister to take the opportunity to reconsider and that’s what this Motion is trying to achieve.

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Siteserv on Broadsheet

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10 thoughts on “Not Going Away

  1. Jonotti

    Could Broadsheet just put up the key points of what Moriarty said about Denis O’Brien, to refresh our memories re. this billionaire.

      1. Tidy Dave

        I remember taking the time to read through a summary of it and it made my piss boil. Apparently most if not all of the findings were unactionable in terms of further criminal investigation as they only form the Judge’s opinion. At this point my piss turned to steam as I wondered what the hell was the point in spending 13 years (and more than a few quid) on something that essentially amounts to nothing in the end?

        What’s also interesting is – DOB’s take on the report.

        1. Patrick

          Sorry Dave I was always under the impression that these judicial inquires and tribunals were a means of kicking hot potatoes into the long grass and giving their barrister cousins a nice pay day into the bargain. We have been poorly served by these inquiries, we pay a vast sum of money for them but get sod all substantive. Now there’s a scam worth looking into.

  2. Harry Outback

    “Ah, sure let them investigate themselves” he said, from his desk in the management office of Portlaoise Maternity Hospital. “What harm could it do…”

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