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“At the moment – this House is being forced to proceed with a costly review into IBRC’s deals – a review it must be said that is not only costly but inherently conflicted, particularly given the most recent incidence of the special liquidator [KPMG’s Kieran Wallace, formerly with IBRC] who has been assigned to conduct the review – actually joining Denis O’Brien in the High Court to injunct reports into IBRC’s business dealings and unorthodox verbal agreements between senior debtors and the [IBRC] CEO Mike Aynsley. A very worrying trend indeed…..”

Catherine Murphy TD [during a debate in the Dáil today on the sale of the government’s share in Aer Lingus], rvealing that the man tasked with running the Siteserv deal review was in a joinder with Denis O’Brien in the tycoon’s legal action to injunct RTÉ News…while also explaining what the redacted case was all about.

Good times.

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Liquidator denies conflict of interest in decision not to sue KPMG (irish Examiner, February 27, 2014)

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13 thoughts on “No Conflict Resolution

      1. manolo

        That also, but mainly that nothing sticks to them. They might be brothers, from the Teflon family.

  1. Mac

    Hardly “revealing”. Every court report on the injunction case stated that Wallace/IBRC in liquidation were taking the case against RTE alongside O’Brien. She does reveal something else though…

  2. Original Cynic

    Can we not just bring in the FBI?

    I’m definitely sure they’ll be cheaper.

  3. Truth in the News

    The longer it runs, the worse it gets and will be the final torpedeo that sinks
    Kenny and Burton, There needs to be a National Campaign to Honour
    Catherine Murphy, imagine KPMG investigating something that its already
    involved in up to its lugs, who is responsible for allowing this, like those involved in the Aer Lingus deal, as Sean Barrett has just said “are they all asleep”…..but
    very soon there will be a gigantic wake up call, it seems that inept goverment
    has become a viral plauge as it has followed on from the previous one.

  4. JimmytheHead

    Very proud of Catherine. Takes serious guts to take on the DOB monster, get defeated, then go back for more! Could be a landmark case for Irish politics, justice and corruption in general if handled properly. CAB should seize all his assets and use them to pay back the ECB lol. Wonder how many years and billions of euros it’ll cost before that happens tho… if ever.

  5. Lawes

    actually joining Denis O’Brien in the High Court to injunct reports into IBRC’s business dealings and unorthodox verbal agreements

    So now we finally know what the DOB court case was about. Thank you Ms Murphy.

  6. Kolmo

    Well done Catherine Murphy. Well done BS for highlighting this headmelt of a story. The cockroaches holding us tax-payer saps to ransom don’t like the light. Shine on you diligent people, shine on.

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