Clamper, Clamp Thyself



Alan Rapple tweetz:

bonus points for footpath and cycle lane! If only there was some way to enforce proper parking….

Alan adds:

A little context….just shy of 30 mins parked up there, eating their sambos and a perfectly good corpo carpark opposite

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5 thoughts on “Clamper, Clamp Thyself

  1. Paul Wally

    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen clampers or guards flouting the rules of the road. I’m wondering, does anything ever happen as a result of this? I mean the reg plate is clearly visible, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who the offenders are.

    1. ellobee

      Sure clampers and guards have the same immunity as cyclists when it comes to breaking the rules of the road.

  2. Peter

    Lovely people NCPS, they clamped the car of a woman in a wheelchair yesterday outside the Liffey Trust Centre beside the Three Arena. She had a disabled sticker but there was no disabled spots so she had to take a space near the front. Despite the sticker they clamped anyway and refused to release the car until they got their €120. That’s social responsibility for you….

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