So Long, Roscommon



A dispatch from the heart of No country.

Dougal writes:

We are about to switch off the lights at Yes Equality Roscommon but before we do we made this video to say thank you to the team, the people of Roscommon for putting up with us and all those who offered kind words over the last few days….

Yes Equality Roscommon (Facebook)

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8 thoughts on “So Long, Roscommon

  1. AG

    Well Done! The video of the farmer from
    Roscommon that he posted on the day of the referendum was very moving, fair play folks

  2. fran

    I think its important to note that Roscommon was not the only county to vote no. Monaghan voted no also but it was with the help of the Cavanities that pushed it through. Lets mock Monaghan people now, not for their simplicity ,but for thieir outlook on life!

    1. illuminati16

      Let’s mock you one issue liberals for your high horse mentality and double standard discrimination

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