28 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Eugene

    First time writing here on broadsheet,
    Great app and journalism including DOB articles.
    Looking forward to non bias stories.

    1. linbinius

      Do you lock your bike irresponsibly?….Welcome home.

      Seriously though. Good job BS. Good job.

      1. Eugene

        Well compare to most of the stories been censored on most sites I will judge that for my self

        1. Odis

          Top Kek – A lot of the people come to Broadsheet for their famously biased coverage.

      1. Sharon's Boyfriend

        But you can’t deny that they love babies!
        -They do, they love the babies.

        Would you not have a baby?
        Go on, have a baby.
        A fine strappin’ lass like yerself should have no bother findin’ a fella,
        And sure there’s always Coppers…

        G’wan ou’a dat, have a baby!

    1. dereviled

      You can’t win with The Hate Mail.
      If you have babies before you’re thirty you may lose career prospects and it’s your own fault for having babies.
      Or you can wait a few years and endanger the next generation and the immigrants win Think About That.
      Anyways, how will you land a nice husband with that potty talk? Look at these perfect women and hate yourself.

  2. TripleC

    Well done to the Sunday Times for publishing [REDACTED] in its entirety on the front page there.

  3. Squiggleyjoop

    that’s stolen information that’s also incorrect? We need to go after the person who made up the information so. Obviously somebody framed Dennis, then waited patiently for some virtuous politician to steal the fake story

  4. Pat

    Stolen information that is lies? Stolen from who? And why would someone keep such information if it is lies?

    1. Anne

      Maybe he means robbed blind information, stolen… or something.. I dunno, are these people supposed to be intelligent?

        1. martco

          haha that’s a great wiki

          you could print it bind and sell it as the Politicians Handbook

          (except you’d have to be smart enough to read and understand how to use hence PR Consultants)

          1. Frilly Keane

            Are you suggesting PR Consultants are smart


            Immediately sprung to my finger tips

            Have I got an entire industry wrong all this time?

          2. dereviled

            Hi Frilly, I might think instead of Costa Concordia or Malaysian Airways and how a chance event might ruin a company.
            And companies have to make money to pay wages and taxes.
            We don’t have to give our money to people who cheat while the rest of us pay hand over fist.

  5. Truth in the News

    The great silence about the issue staring the media in the face, that we are
    being prevented from establishing then facts about the financial dealings of
    a person who conrtols a large section of the national media, and is given preferentail
    treatment by a Bank in liquidation its self, that is funded and baled out by the taxpayer costing 10’s of Billions, its puts Nearys tenure in the hapeny place
    Is this all to do that somebody controls a segment of the media and can influence
    the political direction the country takes, especially right now…..well its “Pay Back
    Time” time for us, its time to revcover the write downs and call in the rest of the money lent, it would be of better value than giving away Aer Lingus… its money, which is intended to be used to buy off the electorate to retain power…..corruption.

  6. italia'90

    Are we in the middle of a constitutional crisis?

    Would anybody know if the media were not reporting the facts!?

    [Redacted] is the pigeon today and our constitution is the statue.

    Will the constitution be the pigeon on Tuesday?

    I for one certainly hope so.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Our constitution which until recently did not allow for same sex marriage? I for one welcome our new Dobby overlord.

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