19 thoughts on “Hello You

  1. Dave

    That is a fairly cool photo of our pres. In fairness.

    (Ignore the person passed out on the ground to his left)

  2. seimiq

    Ah, c’mere.. That pic has been around forever.
    No disrespect to our excellent mini-duce.. We know him, we like him, we still fear the alternatives.. but this photo really has been played out already. Just because it’s been flying about social media today doesn’t make it Broadsheet-worthy.
    Ring him up and ask him about the Freedom of the Press instead..

  3. Frilly Keane

    ‘Hasn’t changed a bit

    A bit stouter around the girth
    But sur’
    Aren’t we all

      1. bisted

        …that was the time he still had a bit of backbone…when he would have baulked at the notion that a labour factotem would rubber stamp one of the most divisive pieces of legislation ever to be inflicted without a whimper….enjoy your pieces of silver.

    1. Ppads

      Yes. Lovely retirement if you can get it. You never know, he might actually turn up at something ordinary in Ireland soon.

  4. Ppads

    Who is that queen on the far right in the hot-pants? Top half looks like a showband singer.

  5. realPolithicks

    I was at this concert. UB40, In Tua Nua, Santana and Bob Dylan. It was a great day, Dylan was the worst of the lot but when Van Morrison and Bono joined in for the encore it was very cool. 31 years ago…jaysus.

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