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P tweetz:

Just saw people handing out Catherine Murphy’s Dáil debate speech in Kilkenny; huge interest by people without internet.

Damn [REDACTED]-defying hippies.

Previously: [REDACTED]’s 1.25% Interest Rate

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52 thoughts on “Keeping Print Alive

  1. Lilly

    A friend’s mother got this in her letterbox in Blackrock this morning. Great to see people being proactive.

    The Sunday Business Post is hinting on Twitter that it has something up its sleeve for tomorrow. After the Denis gush-fest of a few weeks ago, I’d be surprised if they have.

  2. Ms Piggy

    The comments section of every single story published in The Journal today is 99% dominated by people talking about Redacted, including some instances posting Murphy’s entire speech into the comments. And it’s a lot of different people too, not just the same handful over and over. They’ve pretty much lost control of their own paper at this point :-)

    1. Lilly

      I popped over there for a look, mayhem, really funny. Confirmation, if confirmation were needed, that the is rubbish. Brothers Fallon sleeping with the enemy no doubt.

  3. Aislinn Matthews

    I have just jumped ship from the They are simply ignoring their readers and deleting comments willy nilly . It’s a blood bath I tells ya.

    1. Lilly

      And Enda, our great Leader, in a bunker somewhere hunkering down hoping he doesn’t get shot :)

    2. Odis

      Gosh yes! For once the comments are entertaining.

      I love the smell of dissidence in the evening.

      1. Zarathustra

        Usually, the Journal only delete [eh, moderate] comments which aren’t favourable towards a certain republican leader who has a shady past and connections with an illegal paramilitary organisation; they must be really bored, or on overtime pay if they’re moderating comments about [Redacted].

        1. McKay

          Eh? Not in my experience. The ‘political editor’ there wears his affiliations prominently. A 1930s shade of blue.

  4. Sam

    Fair play to the leafletters in Kilkenny. Showing up most of the media and thumbing their noses at [Redacted].

    1. Paddy

      I saw the whole thing; fantastic. There were genuinely people who didn’t have access to this because they aren’t computer savvy etc; frightening when you think about it

  5. Iseult

    Kenny & Bruton , read the writing on the wall….This farce will blow wide open and drag yiz down with it. U thought protests to date were bad??

    1. dhaughton99

      Everyone calm down. Don’t cha know an extra 2 grand in yo pay packet next year.

  6. Darragh Byrne

    Samizdat – “the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in the communist countries of eastern Europe.”

  7. Walter-Ego

    All of us who follow what is going on should be letting the ill informed know. Be that our friends, family neighbours, work colleagues, taxi drivers etc, even strangers we strike up a conversation with. This type of censorship and dirty dealings should be challenged at every step.

  8. Lilly

    Oliver Callan on Brendan O’Connor just now pulling no punches, telling RTE and the newspapers to stop cowering like a bunch of dweebs and do their job. Well said Oliver!

      1. Lilly

        That actually happened! And Brendan O’C looked like he didn’t give a sh*t although he did make some noises about going to court on Tuesday, you could tell he was delighted. Good TV, it wouldn’t happen on the Late Late Show with Ryan safe-pair-of-hands Tubridy.

      2. Paddy

        It did. And people without internet access ( generally of a certain age) were very appreciative of getting this info; because our media will not publish the debates of our Dáil!! Think about that!

  9. Truth in the News

    Its time the RTE Authority were fired and along with them the DG
    The media in Ireland save one outlet, Broadsheet have shown their
    true colours and have lost the confidence of the vast majority of those
    who listened, viewed and read their output.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Dunno about being fired tbh
      Sold off to a local fat cat media lad for a handy price
      Is far more likely

    2. Delacaravanio

      You are totally of the wall. It was RTE who were going to report this story originally, and that’s why O’Brien took out the injunction.

  10. Spammer

    It’s going to be an interesting week ahead. Will this topple the government? Only time will tell….. Alan Pukes is hiding in his lawyer’s office already.

  11. Ferret McGruber

    I see Dobby’s Dastardly Dealings are on the cover of the Sunday Times and shared here on good old Excellent.

    1. Anne

      Fupping hell… that’s some read. His lawyers have been very busy indeed threatening everyone.

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