Jig, Reel And Slip



Last Saturday.

‘Protecting Ireland’ writes:

As a mini salute to the last memories of Slane [Co Meath] we have found a winner to ‘Slane Mud Fall 2015‘ A Traditional Irish Dancer who Danced to No Music and then Fell.. :)

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15 thoughts on “Jig, Reel And Slip

  1. Parky Mark

    Brilliant. I had forgotten that mud morons existed as I hadn’t seen any for a while.

  2. Mr. T.

    Full of drunken boggers who come totally unprepared, lose their mates, smokes, money and all sense of where they are. And THEN drop a pill.

    1. Quint

      Strong Dublin howaya accents in that video so not sure if it’s just ‘boggers’ at it. But of course, you’re right, Dubs never get drunk or out of it at festivals. Spot on, dude.

  3. spud1

    I know I’m getting old when I see clips like this and wonder why people pay €80 quid to stand in muck and have hassle travelling there and back…

  4. Caroline

    Absolutely hilarious. The best part is when he sort of slips a bit. I’d say Jeremy Beadle himself raised a chuckle.

  5. bob

    Can people stop recording everything?!?

    Glad phones weren’t around when I was getting pissed at gigs etc

  6. aine

    oh please irish dancing! he is just trying to keep his feet under him in the mud. Irish dancing who said it was irish dancing? only reason i opened the clip was to see irish dancing!

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