De Friday Papers


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MORE to folly.

Covers to

Thanks Pamela McCarthy (Irish Examiner); Enda Cunningham (Galway City Tribune); Tony McCullagh (Northside/Southside People); Nick Sutton (UK papers)

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8 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. inotherwords

    Ooooh, coverage of the FAI payment on the front page of an English paper, we might just see a resignation in this one after all

  2. Lisa

    It stinks. Should have been declared before now if there truly was nothing to hide. Hope it is clearly indicated in a set of accounts somewhere. Even without this particular revelation, I wouldn’t trust Delaney as far as I could throw him. His blowhard statements around Blatter are nauseating.

    1. Wayne.F

      Delaney has a neck like a hockey’s balls, never heard him complain about Blatter or the world cups before this week and now he is like a rash on it. Even complaining about Blatter eyeing up his girlfriend! Who is obviously with Delaney for his charm, wit and good looks!

  3. Joe the Lion

    This was reported in one of the tabs months ago. To all you inbred rugby and bogball fans I guess it is more ethical to take money off financial institutions like RBS or BOI?

    1. Chris

      As much as the whole deplorable handball situation stinks, if Delaney as head of FAI obtained a settlement of 5mil from FIFA in place of legal action for loss of earnings and damage to the FAI well that was him actually doing his job. Though you can definitely question the transparency.

      1. Wayne.F

        Chris, highly unlikely hiss alert is 3 times larger than the prize for winning the league of Ireland, the money was probably sunk into the money put that is Landsdowne road nua rather than football on Ireland.

        Delaney is Blatter they operate and behave the same way

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