Will An Post Deliver This?



Answers revealed below

Spiderlegs writes:

“A guy I know has been putting An Post to the test by mailing random objects and making them solve puzzles to get the correct address. Amazingly, they seem to get it right almost every time.”


Dice.  Delivered two days later.


Mobius strip. Not delivered.


Clear plastic with address. Not delivered.


Crossword puzzle address. Delivered.


Letter with jigsaw address. Delivered with ‘a polite note explaining why they opened it’.


Address using pop-up mechanism. Delivered the next morning.

More at link below.

G’wan the An Post, in fairness.

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48 thoughts on “Will An Post Deliver This?

  1. rotide

    This is absolutely brilliant.

    Entertaining and probably makes some postal workers day

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I spoke to an An Post worker recently, based in the sorting office, and he rolled his eyes and said ‘you wouldn’t believe the sh!te we have to deal with’.

      Yer man needs a job.

      1. The Old Boy

        At least An Post and their colleagues in Royal Mail seem to take pride in delivering badly addressed items and will sit down at a tea break to try and figure them out. My experience of postal services on the continent is that they don’t bother trying even with easy errors. If the automatic sorting machine can’t deal with someone’s handwriting, it’s liable to take weeks to arrive, if it does at all.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          I can understand badly addressed items if sender has a literacy problem or shaky hand. What I don’t understand is why someone would purposely try to make another person’s job difficult?

          1. The Old Boy

            I imagine most of the things they have to deal with are genuine errors or just sloppiness, rather than people trying to confound postal workers. There is a devious pleasure in getting obscurely addressed mail through the system, I suppose. I once sent a letter home from London addressed in Irish with seanchló handwriting, which made its way there without incident. Perhaps it wasn’t the best way of ensuring it got there, but when it did, it raised a smile at the other end at least.

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Appreciate it makes for good oul stories, but I disagree with ya. Everyone should aim for clarity in their written communications, and our postal service (of ALL state bodies!) should – and has been warned to – operate more efficiently.

          3. casper

            You have no business writing someone’s address on a letter or oparcel while your hand is shaking. Finish what you’re doing, compose yourself and then – and only then – write the name and address. Anything else is disrespectful.

      2. rotide

        This would brighten my day considerably if i worked in the sorting office. Maybe your friend had just run out of tea and biscuits.

        1. robert smith

          Actually, I think that’s open for debate, ask anyone who works for them about the “rubber room”

  2. Dubh Linn

    I think this is a fab idea. You should share with An Post on twitter, I am sure the posties would enjoy every bit of praise due to them for getting the more obscure items delivered.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’m sure the senders of time-sensitive correspondence and the taxpayers funding the service really appreciate the time-wasting.

      1. Parky Mark

        People should understand the system and send their time sensitive correspondence in time.
        Or how about An Post stop delivering advertising leaflets along with the post as taxpayers expense.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        “People should understand the system and send their time sensitive correspondence in time.”

        Ah. Post early to allow for the fun games, puzzles and code-breaking pursuits of their staff??

      3. MM

        An Post is a semi-state body and receives no funding from the Government. Your tax payer millions are safe.

        To be honest as an employee I get a great kick out of stuff like this, as do my colleagues. This story is already doing the rounds here.

    2. Mister Mister

      My postie is one of the ones that delivers to one of the addresses he sends to. As posties go, he’s an awesome one.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      …if I was the postman I’d be pretty peeved at this tbh. It’s funny, but I wouldn’t find it so funny time after time .

  3. Dubh Linn

    I worked as a postman for a few years in a place near Cork. Small village, 4000 residents. Spent about three hours getting around my delivery area every day.

    I had letters addressed to “Anne above the coffee shop” (She lived above the hairdressers) I found someone who lived alone collapsed on the floor of their kitchen, dead animals on the road, I shovelled snow off long driveways one year to get to more than one damm postbox. I had one woman who waited for me every second Monday to get me to carry her bins up the drive. To be honest, I would not have minded a few fun things like this coming my way.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        See Clampers – you don’t want to end up alone and being scooped up off the floor by Dubh Linn.


      2. Dubh Linn

        Ah here, this was years ago, anyone on t’interwebs were all on dial-up and the sex siopa was only a twinkle in someone’s eye. In fact it was so long ago, anyone who wanted a bit of a legover had to go to the pub and meet a real person :)

  4. Ultach

    Try writing an address in the original Irish. Chances are the letter will arrive at my gaff. I’ve had letters through my box for people in different counties only for postie to apologise when harangued, who explained that because there was an umlaut or an asterisk or a zlotyvlatski in the name he assumed it was Irish and then assumed it was me, being the neighbourhood Gaelicbore. Me, not him. Just in case you were wondering.

  5. Sinabhfuil

    Sent myself a postcard with my name and the Loc8 address a few years ago (with ‘Loc8 code’ before it). Hasn’t arrived yet.

  6. Joss

    A friend posted a Weetabix a few years ago, with the address taped to it. Recipient was handed the slightly crumbled wholegrain wheat biscuit by a very grumpy postman two days later. Not appreciated, apparently.

  7. swoon

    Posted a hard boiled egg in the UK.It was delivered with a letter or apology as they had cracked the egg.

  8. Mr. T.

    Oh ha ha let’s play with the An Post workers.

    They’re not dogs playing fetch you twont.

  9. Sharon's Boyfriend

    Contrived -n adjective
    1. obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained:

    Sycophant – noun
    1. a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.

    BS, stop this bs.
    Don’t be encouraging them.

  10. Owen

    I found a stamp in my wallet a few years back. I was in a pub at the time. I wrote a note on a beermat to a friend to give me a call (pre mobile phones) and I drew a penis on it, etc, as one does, stuck it in a post box and then forgot about it. My friend lived on the same street as me. He called over a few days later roaring laughing with the beermat.

    God, I really miss pre mobile phones.

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