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The above letter was delivered to a resident of Dublin 7.

The letter reads:

Dear Sir/Madam,

A Television Licence Inspector visited the above address in order to ascertain if there was a Television Set on the premises under Section 146 (4) of the Broadcasting Act 2009*.

The Inspector received no co-operation when visiting your premises. In circumstances such as these where an Inspector has grounds to believe that there is an unlicensed television set/apparatus on the premises he/she is authorised to obtain a Search Warrant to assist his/her enquiries under Schedule 2 Section 8-1 of the Broadcasting Act 2009*.

Futhermore Schedule 2 Section 8-1-(c)* authorises the TV Licence Inspector to seize and take away all or any part of such apparatus, and these confiscated items may be used as evidence in any prosecution brought….

The recipient writes:

This is new. A notification of a search warrant for no TV licence. I haven’t, and nobody I know has, ever seen this before. It’s weird. I sent them a strongly worded ‘come around and look around and go fupp yourselves’ as I don’t own a TV at all.



The rest of the letter detailing referring to the sections that have an asterisk (see comments)

It says:

*Section 146 (4) “And officer of an issuing agent may request any person on the premises or at the place where he or she finds a television set or evidence of such to produce the television licence for the time being in force in respect of the premises or specified place for inspection by the officer”.

*Schedule 2 – Section 8 (1) “A judge of the District Court may, upon the information on oath of an officer of the appropriate authority or of a member of the Garda Siochana that there is reasonable ground for believing that apparatus for wireless telegraphy is being kept or is being worked or used at any specified place, specified vehicle or in any specified ship or other vessel in contravention of the Wireless Telegraphy Acts 1926 to 2009 or any regulation made or condition imposed under those Acts or the Broadcasting (Offences) Acts 1968 to 2009, issue to such officer or (with the consent of the appropriate authority) to such member of  the Garda Siochana (as the case may be) a search warrant.”

*Schedule 2 Section 8 (1) (c) to seize and take away all or any part of such apparatus which appears to such officer or member to be kept, worked or used in contravention of the Wireless Telegraphy Acts 1926 to 2009 or any regulation made or condition imposed under those Acts or the Broadcasting (Offences) Acts 1968 to 2009.

This afternoon.

GPO, O’Connell Street,  Dublin 1

 Conradh na Gaeilge  members demonstrate their support for “the protection of essential services for Gaeltacht communities.”

Conradh na Gaeilge are seeking a meeting with An Post, with the Minister for Communications and with the Minister for the Gaeltacht to ensure that An Post will “not end services through Irish in Gaeltacht areas as part of their current redundancy process, and to see that Gaeltacht communities will not be denied essential services through Irish”.


An Post defend closure of up to 150 post offices saying redundancies will not be ‘random’ and rural communities will be supported (The Irish Sun)

 Conradh na Gaeilge


Judith Goldberger writes:

Bizarre letter from An Post sent to my neighbour who has moved. Is this the new definition of a Facebook Post?




Following the Che Guevara controversy, An Post has issued a stamp to mark the centenary of the apparitions of Fatima.

Feargal Purcell writes:

The stamp, designed by 2b:creative, features a statue of Our Lady that stands in the Oratory of the Archbishop of Armagh, Eamon Martin. Bishop Martin, who is Roman Catholic Primate of All Ireland purchased the statue in 2015, when he led a pilgrimage from Armagh and Belfast to Fatima in preparation for the centenary of the apparitions.

The International stamp (€1.35), along with a specially designed First day Cover envelope, is available from main post offices, from the stamp counters at Dublin’s GPO or online at  The First Day Cover includes a quote from the sixth and final apparition at Fatima.

Irish Stamps (An Post)

Earlier: Ebay Guevara


Angus Lavery writes:

A famous revolutionary of Irish descent and the artwork by an Irish artist that became one of the world’s great iconic images, all come together in a stamp which has just been issued by An Post.

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the quintessential left-wing revolutionary was killed in South America in 1967. An Post has chosen the 50th anniversary of his death to issue the stamp featuring the famous image of ‘Che’ by Dublin artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

The stamp (€1), designed by Red&Grey, is based on Jim Fitzpatrick’s artwork, which appears on t shirts, posters, badges and clothing worldwide and is now rated among the world’s top 10 most iconic images.

Finally, in fairness.

An Post