16 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    For such a sterile, boring, mega-millionaire-controlled sport, it certainly throws up every scandal you could think of. (Corruption, embezzlement, adultery, match-fixing, super injunctions, fraud, racisim, violence, bribery……)

      1. Mikeyfex

        Ya but twelve yard death strikes and goal tender hand denials and staining scoresheets and voluntary simulation plunges and head kicks and denial flag erectors and soccer goal interiors and the Chelsea Franchise club and the Manchester Unity and the soccer cannons and Liver Pool. Inverness Californian Thistle and The Sheffield Midweekers, Asstown Villa and The Queen’s Power Rangers. Players like Stevie Gee, RSVP, and Per Murdersoccer. Not to mention Frank Robbery, Jack Wheelchair, Mario Buyatelly, and the SeaSwans own Jo Jo Selfie.

        Soccer. The beautiful sport.

        1. scottser

          on a brighter note, FC United of Manchester, the club set up by MU fans after the glazer’s take over will be playing in the national league north after successive promotions. goes to show what a well-intentioned and well-organised grass roots movement can do.

          1. rotide

            Wimbldon FC are years ahead of them, although well behind them in terms of PR and potential bandwagoning.

  2. Chris

    If Delaney thinks bribery don’t matter,
    He must be as mad as a hatter.
    With all this new talk
    He still will not walk.
    He’s got fewer scruples than Blatter!

    1. Gers

      Yeah not much different than here .. except maybe for a curious fact, France and Fifa are reporting $5M while Ireland and FAI are reporting €5M ….. Weird.

  3. Mr. T.

    Can’t understand why it’s called the beautiful game.

    In terms of pure talent, style, passion, finesse there are far better sports out there worthy of that phrase.

    1. scottser

      not so sure about the ‘style’ aspect of it. football’s reach is so global there are so many styles, cultures, philosophies, tactics and formations to keep it interesting. tomorrow’s CL final is going to be a cracker i reckon, but granted it won’t be as exciting a spectacle as a senior championship gaa match in either code.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Nonsense comparison. Inter county GAA is an amateur sport played well by a few well trained and funded counties, the rest are dreadful. Tomorrow you will see several of the worlds elite soccer players playing at the top of their ability.

        1. scottser

          as a spectacle, the senior hurling and football championship matches from quarter final onwards are easily on par with CL.
          you can’t be suggesting that there are no poor quality sides or poor performers in the CL?

  4. John Delaney's goldplated tie

    Henry deserves a statue outside the Aviva in recognition his contribution to Irish soccer.

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