19 thoughts on “Classic Perpendicular

  1. manolo

    Don’t see any issues here. Those lines are marking diagonal parking spaces, right?


  2. TheBeef

    Crikey. I’d be worried about the state of mind of that driver. Particularly as the river is just over that wall….or they were three sheets to the wind. I hope it’s the latter.

  3. jonjo

    No one would park like that -however stupid. You’d just drive it onto the step parallel with the road.
    Whats opposite the wall? (where the pic is being taken from) It looks like that car rolled out from a space across the road?

      1. DaithiG

        If you go up towards the North Gate bridge, there’s some pack of scobes crossing the street.

  4. nefD6

    Tis quare easy to lift and turn wee cars like that. I’d safely say some young buckos with a skinful in them were up to shenanigans.

    1. Chris

      Incorrect. The driver would have had to park in the middle of the road as there is no parking on that side just the footpath!

  5. jonjo

    Looking at google maps there are perpendicular spaces accross the road. The car hadnt got its handbrake on correctly aand it rolled out. Seen it happen loads of times (one particular time it was actually a corsa too)

    1. Chris

      There’s less than 20 feet between the parking spaces and the wall. Could the car really gather enough momentum to mount the footpath (which is pretty high)?

    2. DaithiG

      If I remember correctly (I used to live there) the slope on the other side of the street is slightly downwards towards the buildings, so if it was a handbrake issue, then the car would have rolled forward, not backward towards the river.
      Also, judging by the angle of looking across the river, this car is a little further up Popes Quay, and is more up near the bridge, where there is no spaces across the street, only that old underground pub and the cab station.

      My guess is a bunch of little shite joyriders who abandoned the car in that position.

      1. DaithiG

        I just checked google maps, and I’m wrong about the location, it is further back across from the old Button Co shop.

        Also, they’ve put in an insane bike lane there, which would have been nice about 4/5 years ago when I used to cycle that street on my way to work.

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