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The Telegraph reports:

“House prices in Hong Kong have risen at the fastest pace of any country in the world over the 12 months to March, according to a new global study.”

“Despite a raft of different cooling measures introduced by the Hong Kong Government since February 2013, prices rose by 19pc over the period due to a chronic shortage of homes.”

“Property values in Turkey accelerated by 18.6pc, the second biggest climber in the ranking, followed Ireland where house prices grew 16.8pc.”

Mapped: Where in the world are house prices growing fastest? (The Telegraph)

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13 thoughts on “Top Of The Warning To You

  1. Nicelives

    But were people buying houses for less than it cost to build them in Hong Kong, it’s all relative. Irish house prices are increasing from an unsustainable low.

    1. Yea, Ok

      When 17 year old labourers were coming home with over a grand a week then yes, unsustainable is a good word.

  2. SOMK

    Isn’t it INTERESTING how house prices can go up in Ireland so rapidly despite the fact mortgage approval is at a 30+ year low, incomes levels are stagnant (and falling for the young), we’ve had a return to mass youth emigration, had an estimated 300,000 empty properties circa 2011 and we’re the most sparsely populated Western European country?

    It’s a good thing we’ve got such an excellent, responsible and civic minded banking-community, who would never exploit their economic and political power and use strategic repossessions and otherwise game the market to jack up prices and shore up their balance sheets!

  3. goodtimes

    Irish prices rising because we have a huge amount of wealthy people in proportion to our size, and they need things to invest in.

  4. louislefronde

    Ah, don’t you love price fixing. If ever there was evidence of market distortion, here it is.

    Next time, you’re flying into Dublin Airport – just take a look at the amount of land which isn’t built on and then consider for a moment how is it that Irish housing prices are higher than (a) the Netherlands (b) Singapore and (c) Hong Kong which are three of the most densely places on the planet.

    Just a shame Catherine Murphy isn’t taking a closer look at NAMA where the real crookedness has been going on over the last three years….

    Ah well, whatever?

    1. scottser

      boom and bust baby! it’s how rich folks get richer and the poor stay poor ;)
      taken from scottser’s big book of economics, page 1.

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