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Go figure.

Matt Zajechowski writes:

Reaching out to share an interactive graphic/map that I helped develop with Olivet Nazarene University that covers the second most spoken languages around the world. We’ve excluded any official languages from being the second most spoken language and noted them as official languages for each country to avoid any confusion.

ALL MAPS: The Second Most Spoken Languages Around the World (Olivet)

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The Telegraph reports:

“House prices in Hong Kong have risen at the fastest pace of any country in the world over the 12 months to March, according to a new global study.”

“Despite a raft of different cooling measures introduced by the Hong Kong Government since February 2013, prices rose by 19pc over the period due to a chronic shortage of homes.”

“Property values in Turkey accelerated by 18.6pc, the second biggest climber in the ranking, followed Ireland where house prices grew 16.8pc.”

Mapped: Where in the world are house prices growing fastest? (The Telegraph)

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Six years after the onset of a crash that wiped more than 50% from its property market values, Ireland has roared back to be named the country with the fastest growing house prices in the world.

“With average prices up 15% in a year, the country is top of an influential global house price index, ahead of Dubai and the UK.”

“Estate agent Knight Frank, which compiles the index, said Ireland had enjoyed a remarkable turnaround in fortunes over the past 12 months. As recently as summer 2012, it was ranked 54th out of 55 countries surveyed, when house prices were falling by almost 10% a year following the damage wreaked by Ireland’s economic crash of 2008.”

“The firm’s latest index puts the UK in fourth place, with prices up 10.5% in the year to September, making it one of only six countries to achieve double-digit price growth. At the bottom of the table is Cyprus, where prices were down more than 9% over the same period.”

Roared back, eh?

Ireland’s average house price grows at world’s fastest pace of 15% in a year (December 8, 2014, The Guardian)

Thanks Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland