Feeling Foxy?


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John Fitzgerald of the Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports writes:

At 12 noon on Saturday, June 13th, animal welfare campaigners will protest at the entrance to Croke Park in Dublin. They believe they have uncovered evidence that the GAA is supporting blood sports, especially fox hunting. They will elaborate on this if you wish to contact the campaign group organising the demo. Taking on the GAA was no easy decision. For further info please contact Bernie Wright or Declan Bowes of the Hunt Saboteurs Association at 087 2651720

(Pic: Karen Horton)

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34 thoughts on “Feeling Foxy?

  1. Frilly Keane

    Do you mean the GAA, at HQ Ard Craomh endorse and support fox hunting?

    Like starting from one of their sites

    Or are we talking about a few lads leaping over the wall of their local club

  2. Malta

    Considering yourselves contacted. Show us the evidence. Why would you make the allegation and be so shy with the evidence?

    Broadsheet, could we really stop with the “randomer has thought, gets a Broadsheet post” level of content…

    1. martco

      like I know there’s a fella 3 doors down from me and like I’m fairly sure he’s the one stealing the laydeez underwear off the lines in the estate at night cos the dogs are always barking at 3am and Mary says her thongs keep going missing and so I was planning to have a pitchfork meeting outside his gaff tomorrow night and like Broadsheet could you tell everyone please its really important they show their support and come along and here’s my my organisations name and phone number

      1. PearApple

        Oh no, not the knicker nicker. I’m with you for the meeting, or are only pitchforks invited?

  3. Custo

    Yeah, I’d like to see son evidence that the GAA, as an organization, is actively involved in supporting Fox hunting.

    1. Mani

      It’s all the years they’ve spent blooding Davey Fitz…finally come back to haunt them.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Maybe he’s the one being hunted

        If you were ta’listen t’him
        You:d think he was being skinned n’all

        1. ger fitz

          ICABS were protesting incitement to animal cruelty when Joan Burton (I think) said there’s “more than one way to skin a cat”

          You guys on here know the origination of the phrase, but for the benefit of any outraged animal rights extremists on here, it refers to the cat o’ nine tails.

  4. Eoin

    I think the real issue here is that the stamp is a picture of a fox inhaling it’s own fart. An Post endorses butt sniffing!

  5. Donal

    Broadsheet, I know you want ot give everyone a voice etc but a little bit of journalistic “show us the evidence before we publicize your protest” would help a lot

  6. Digs

    Fox hunting is fun. They’re nasty little vermon and nobody ever talks about how happy it makes the beagles!

    1. Odis

      A fox once jumped out in front of my car, kami kazzi style. It did €3,000 euros worth of damage. Ever since then I’ve held very mixed views on fox hunting.

  7. Conorrr

    The evidence, according to yer man’s Facebook, is that some hunts meet and park at GAA grounds. Doubt HQ has anything to do with.

  8. Steve

    Traditional rural pursuit of social importance supports another traditional rural pursuit of social importance.
    No WAY! O. M . G. !!!

  9. Fergus Newton

    These animal rights people are mainly supporters or members of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), big time fundraisers who as well as being anti pretty much everything also run some animal shelters. An undercover investigation showed that over 90% of animals that they ” rescued” were actually put down within a couple of hours!
    I suppose some animals are more equal than others :)

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