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Today’s Irish Independent front page

New figures from the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) show 455,000 lived in private rented housing in December 2013. This has risen to 695,646 today, meaning the number has increased by 240,000 or 52pc in just 18 months.

Housing Crisis Forces 10,000 A Month To Rent (irish Independent)



C writes:

I got onto PRTB and they said the figures quoted in 2013 reflects the number of “tenants” listed on a registration application form. However, this “tenants figure” generally represents only the named parties in a tenancy agreement with contractual responsibility for that tenancy and does not reflect the actual number of people living in the private rental sector, e.g. it  generally would not include minors under the age of 18.
During 2014, the PRTB introduced a new statistic based on the number of “occupants” listed on the registration application form (see above).  The PRTB believe the “Occupants” figure gives a truer picture of the numbers residing in the private rental sector. Do you see what the newspaper did so?



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9 thoughts on “Statistics Rent Asunder

  1. bisted

    …now Fionnan…if you could attract that demographic to Indo readership instead of the billionaires…

  2. Mr. T.

    Nothing wrong with renting. It just needs to be a long term alternative with necessary leases and legal agreements in place like other countries have managed to do.

    Plenty of people don’t want the hassle and commitment of owning a property despite being able to afford to.

  3. Just sayin'

    I’m not even sure the Indo did that intentionally. I once saw a 200 word piece in the Indo based on a straightforward CSO press release. It had at least 4 basic errors, including the headline.

  4. diddy

    Is it just me or does there seem to be a new wage of immigration hitting dublin to take up all these new jobs that are being created? Jobs that are highgly skilled yet poorly paid. Jobs requiring language skills. Jobs for Souhthern europeans. All the while the government do nothing about the shortage of accomm even though they own a sh!t load of land through nama.. Is there a socialst voice among them?

  5. Seanban

    The Indo’s *#therentalreport* is mostly out of date data hyperbole designed to provoke along with most property market commentary. We’ve done this for decades, it never ends, too many vested interests.

    1. McKay


      Read the report earlier. Got the distinct impression that it wasn’t a report bemoaning our dysfunctional property market but more a business proposal for those with money to barrel in and buy buy buy..

  6. Kolmo

    +1 McKay
    Has advertising revenue fallen for the bloated property sections? Is it the so-called ‘native’ advertising feature that some papers have sold their very soul for.

    Rentingin Dublin always ‘feels’ like a temporary situation, (15 years…) I just didn’t want to buy an ex-council house in Crumlin or Cabra for e400,000 in the Bubble times – so I’ve rented poorly built apartments since….too old now for a reasonable mortgage within 50Km of work, so f*ck it, can’t win.

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