Talk To Richard




Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD at the Shelbourne Hotel launching 185 new jobs for Dublin and Wexford this afternoon  from five North American companies and one “European-based high growth company”.

Another rubbish hashtag.


Oh God WHY?

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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8 thoughts on “Talk To Richard

  1. LookingOn

    Lumped 6 job announcements together. Did they all sign on the same day – or were they saved up to counteract announcements of big job losses (Clerys?) and potential big job losses (Irish Pride) Bruton’s head is in the cloud

  2. Miko

    185 sustainable high value jobs created (not moved around, but actually brand new with money coming from overseas) vs low paid jobs that weren’t actually lost but had ALREADY moved to other retail outlets people actually want to go to. The Clerys workers need to focus on (and get help if needs be) getting work in the new retail stores that did in for the dinosaur that was Clerys. I see nine jobs alone in Brown Thomas and five in Arnotts. Over 900 retail jobs going in Dublin according to one jobs site. Also sickened by the amount of “support” for de workers from people who choose never to shop in Clerys. Serious bang of hypocrisy in this country!

    1. scottser

      You are ‘sickened’ by workers supporting each other? You are an absolute poobag.

  3. Parochial Central

    Another rubbish article by @UnaMually. Seriously, this is lame stuff from somebody on Twitter, who publishes her Twitter handle on the article, and yet refuses to engage in ANY conversation. High handed arrogance, redolent of the @labour luvvie she is. A view as past its sell-by date as her byline picture.

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