Throne Shapes


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Ah here.

Angie from Target McConnells ad agency, writes:

Here at TMcC we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones. Given the day that’s in it, we did a bit of research and couldn’t help but notice some uncanny similarities between the GoT characters and some of Dublin’s most loved statues. What do you reckon? [More at link below]


Name those statues and characters anyone?

Target McConnell (Facebook)

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13 thoughts on “Throne Shapes

  1. bisted

    …I see little has changed in ad land since I worked there….most of the people ’employed’ were related to major clients…

  2. Domestos

    What’s the deal here, is this a GoT ad, or some summer intern being kept busy? I mean I assume it’s not the former, but…

  3. ahjayzis

    Congratulations Angie.

    Your work contributes nothing to the world and only serves to coarsen life.

  4. qcasper

    Wow. Utter sh!te. Waste of energy, time, attention, space… really, really pointless.

  5. Tucker Done

    I hope Angie is on a JobBridge internship taking the absolute p!ss. It’s like a 4-year-old in baby infants sticking pictures of butterflies on their teddies

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