Clery’s And Present Danger



This afternoon.

Further to the abrupt closure announcement.

SIPTU [The Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union] will host a rally in support of the Clery’s workers outside the store in O’Connell Street, Dublin (top), tomorrow between 12-2pm to “highlight the demand that the new owners [Natrium Ltd] meet with staff”.

All welcome.

Via the union:

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “The way these workers have been treated by Natrium, the consortium which took over Clery’s on Friday and then liquated the company, is completely unacceptable…These workers have hundreds of years of service between them and should be treated with the due respect they deserve.”
SIPTU representatives will meet with representatives of KPMG, the court appointed liquidators of the company, in Liberty Hall, Dublin, tomorrow morning prior to the rally.
Later, tomorrow evening a delegation of workers and union representatives will meet with the Minister of State for Business and Employment, Ged Nash. This meeting will focus on ensuring that the workers concerns about how they have been treated by the new owners of the company are adequately addressed….

SIPTU (Facebook)

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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26 thoughts on “Clery’s And Present Danger

  1. Waffle

    Whats the problem?
    They’ll walk away with statuary redundancy.

    WIth 40 years of service, that’ll come to a nice tidy retirement package.

      1. Waffle

        “Two weeks’ pay for every year of service over the age of 16 up to a maximum of 600e”

        So if you’re there 40 years, earning >31k, that works out about:

        (40 * 1200) + 600 = 48600.
        Not a bad amount of pocket change tbh.

  2. The People's Hero

    I don’t mean to upset the applecart here but this ship has sailed….

    There’s nothing – nothing – anyone can do about this, including SIPTU.

    Natruim – the vehicle that Clery’s was sold to – took on the entity I imagine to asset strip and do something with the property.

    One of the directors of Natruim – Deirdre Christina Foley – is behind this firm;

    So…. There you have it….

      1. The People's Hero

        Replace cowardly for capitalistic….

        Natrium reckon they’re onto a winner…..

        1. Liam

          Natrium have bought the building – who in their right mind would buy Clery’s the business?

  3. doncolleone

    purge the unionised staff, do it up a bit, resell. A whole lot of good those 40 years of SIPTU dues have given these people.

    1. Paolo

      I’d imagine this will be entirely redeveloped as a new mega mall. The real problem is the fact that the Street is a pile of sh1t. It is fast food restaurants and crappy bargain basement shops. There is no control over the facades so the place is aesthetically repulsive. A couple of years ago I saw one junkie wiping another junkie’s behind on Abbey Street. Why would anyone with any money to spend want to go there?

      1. Anne

        “A couple of years ago I saw one junkie wiping another junkie’s behind on Abbey Street.”

        A fun family day out in Dublin so?

  4. Rompsky

    I don’t understand what they expect to be done. Clerys was losing money hand over fist and has been bought by a private company. Lots of ‘the government should do something’ comments just because it was a nice place to meet. Companies go bust all the time.

  5. Mr. T.

    Clery’s was probably past it in terms of the kind of business it was. The property is worth a lot. So it’s to be expected that this would happen.

    BUT that doesn’t mean the new owners and the sellers couldn’t have engage more with the staff and at least forewarned them about what was likely to happen.

    Just because the new owners will never have to face the previous staff, doesn’t mean they can’t offer the same courtesy and manners they probably extend to their peers. Good rearing usually instills manners and courtesy. Money doesn’t.

  6. Dubloony

    Their treatment was shabby in the extreme. It was the staff who pointed out that customers has paid significant deposits for items that its doubtful they will ever see.

    As for D2’s owner, she is described as someone who
    “regularly supports various charities and fund raising initiatives. She is a Governor of Coram and was part of the Female Leaders in Property committee in 2014 ”

    Bit of charity always looks good on the CV.

    Basic decency obviously missing.

  7. Joe

    How Clerys managed to make is past the boom is beyond me. They were on their last legs since the receivers took it over. The staff should have clearly seen that this day was coming and have been prepared for it. To me this is SIPTU trying to get some positive press to show they care about the staff, SIPTU care only bout themselves. Game over folks, thanks for playing but it was fixed from the start and there never was a win to be had for the staff.

  8. TransOpTrans

    Once those SIPTU tossers got involved, I became even less interested in supporting these Clery’s workers. For god’s sake, who shopped there? I bet they didn’t even shop their themselves – nor did that poisionous little @LABOUR dwarf Jack O’Connor. It should have been closed 10 years ago.

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