Avast Me Hearties


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The Mexican Navy tall ship Cuauhtémoc sailing into Dublin this morning.

Mexican Navy Tall Ship Sails into Dublin (Afloat.ie)

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Onboard Cuauhtémoc this afternoon

Unsinkable, happy, groovy.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

12 thoughts on “Avast Me Hearties

      1. Owen

        Nope, they are clearly stepping over the line…… the northern border line, in their 1000s.

    1. Mike

      Burritos are, as they say, “Una Gringada”; a pseudo-Traditional Mexican cuisine Americanism

  1. Count Chuckula

    Just so as ye know, me buckos, “avast” means “stop” from the Dutch houd vast or hold fast.
    A real Mexican pirate would say Ahoy – related, in fact to the Spanish Hola!

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