37 thoughts on “The Drive Of Shame

  1. Joe835

    Every year – and I bet it’s someone looking for the Westbury. I stopped someone driving a rental car down Duke Street once; their satnav was sending them down to Grafton Street and right onto Harry Street i.e. through all the pedestrians and the women selling flowers

    1. Mikeyfex

      Even the hairiest, smelliest, bootcut wearingest of culchies knows what a Grafton Street is.

    1. scottser

      i saw the wexford plate and immediately thought it was ivan yates exercising his perceived ‘entitlements’ again.

  2. Owen C

    This is odd. Never seen a car driving down Grafton St before, and then I saw one on Monday evening, didnt look like a rental, 2006 Cork reg. Is a SatNav directing people up there or something?

  3. Rmc

    They really need to stop people driving down Suffolk street now that it is closed off at graft on street, before people could keep going down Nassau street. See someone stuck there nearly everyone I walk past.

  4. John McAlinden

    The most offensive thing in that shot is the endless spread of horrible Chinese granite (NO offence, Chairman) that DCC seems intent on laying on every available surface. Neither authentic not sympathetic.
    Oh yes, the car is surely a rental with a dodgy satnav.

    1. LiamZero

      That’s Iberian granite on the ‘road’ part, and Wicklow stone on the ‘path’ sections, actually. Not that that makes it look any better of course.

      1. Damienh

        No, they are registered there because Hertz Ireland is HQ’d in Wexford. And VW’s come in through Cork anyway….

  5. taralara

    I’d imagine there is someone walking behind them ringing a bell saying “shame” repeatedly *

    * Game of Thrones reference alert

    1. rotide

      Custo, could you use the more accepted ‘vehicle’ and stop appropriating words like ‘car’

  6. spud1

    From the reaction on here, it’s ok to be a terrible driver if it’s a rental car.
    Gonna get my ass to Hertz tomorrow morning and terrorise yee all on the road over the coming weeks… nowt you can say, because I’m in a rental biatches!!

  7. ahyeah

    The driver was beaten and tasered after being dragged out of the vehicle close to Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Is in a bad way now and holiday ruined so perhaps not the time for jokes.

  8. Tiddle McGee

    Whatever about driving up a pedestrianised street, did the Guards have a word about the obscured number plate?

  9. Conor

    The same care stopped me at the lights on Upper Stephen Street at ~5pm looking for the “Grafton Hotel”. I directed him (American) to the Grafton Capital, but he was clearly (still) hopelessly lost

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