10 thoughts on “Small Print

  1. stephen

    Bit dodgy alright but to be fair they are different contracts they are talking about one in your home phone and broadband which is the 18 month the other is the mobile which is 30 day rolling contract. People hardly think they are going to get a 30 day rolling home plan

  2. Derv

    Ah yes but I don’t think people who take on a mobile contract expect that doing so will change their existing home phone/broadband contract!

  3. Olan

    But the ad was for Mobile only to existing Eircom customers via an Email marketing mail shoot.

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    Poster misread this. Two entirely different contracts. People like this have votes…

    1. Olan

      Hi Eamonn,

      Yes different contracts but as you can read one (the one on offer) will lock you into the other (not part of the offer), the later being in the small print. :-) (yes it’s good to vote)

  5. Jacques Scum

    It’s very poor, 5gb of data with fair usage calls and texts, sim only for €25 / month and yes it does extend your fixed line contract for eighteen months. You can cancel your mobile plan with 30 days notice but not your fixed line plan. Bleedin teefs, 3 is better value as is Tesco Mobile.

  6. Pat-the-barker

    Everybody wants everything for next to nothing except the sale of their labour.

  7. Anne

    I would recommend calling customer care and the barely english speaking rep who answers will transfer you to someone who may be able to pull something out of their ass to sorta kinda answer this conundrum… after holding for 20 mins… if you’re lucky.. There’s an answer to all these queries.. you just have to ask n ask n ask.. till the person admits they don’t know and they’ll transfer you to someone else who also doesn’t really know.
    Wait n see what happens is your best bet.

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